More HARD KNOCKS to Come


Right now on HBO we are taking in the sophomore appearance of the Cincinnati Bengals on HARD KNOCKS. Recently HBO Sports and NFL Films announced that more seasons of this limited sports series are in the works. The below statements regarding the NFL Training Camp series come straight from an HBO Press Release. Ken Hershman, president of HBO Sports, says –

“We are thrilled to have HBO continue as the home of HARD KNOCKS, the preeminent sports reality series. The partnership between HBO and NFL Films continually produces unrivaled and groundbreaking television programming.”

Howard Katz, COO of NFL Films and NFL Senior Vice President of Broadcasting, backed that up by stating –

“We are excited to continue teaming with HBO on HARD KNOCKS to bring our fans closer to the game in unrivaled ways. Since its debut 12 seasons ago, NFL Films has developed HARD KNOCKS into an integral part of the NFL preseason, and we look forward to kicking off the next iteration of this acclaimed program…”

The last edition, 2012”s HARD KNOCKS: TRAINING CAMP WITH THE MIAMI DOLPHINS received the Sports Emmy in the category of Outstanding Post-Produced Audio/Sound. The HARD KNOCKS franchise has won eight Sports Emmy
Awards overall.


Harrison also made this comment about HARD KNOCKS.

Though these quotes are not much news they do seem to indicate that the HARD KNOCKS franchise is doing well for HBO. Those of us who follow the series know, though, that it is one thing to want the series to continue year to year but it is INCREDIBLY difficult to find a team wishing to sign onboard for the gig. In fact, several teams go out of their way to proclaim that they are NOT interested in cameras invading their inner sanctums. Hell, even a current Bengals player James Harrison, late of the Pittsburgh Steelers, hates the HARD KNOCKS treatment, so much so that this grumpy player hid in a car to avoid the HARD KNOCKS cameras. That full incident is explained here nicely at NFLcom. Well, the show seems to be doing just fine in this season with or without Mr. Harrison’s co-operation.

As usual we will wait until the eleventh hour every season to see which team gets HBO’s scrutiny so enjoy HARD KNOCKS while we got it! Damn, this time every year I am disappointed that HBO let the INSIDE THE NFL program go.  Football season is upon us!


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