Mildred Pierce Premiere – Sunday at 9PM

mildred-pierce-hbo-poster-550x816Kate Winslet is staged to hit the silver screen for the first time in HBO’s five part mini-series, Mildred Pierce this Sunday night!  The show follows a strong-willed, working woman in the 1930’s though her trials and tribulations associated with the time period.  The show has been getting a lot of buzz as some outlets have already been given access to the show.  HBO has been doubling down with it’s recent run of period drama pieces and Mildred Pierce should fits right in.  Ms. Winslet herself described the project as “…the most challenging thing she’s done since Titanic“.

Don’t forget to set your DVRs to record parts one and two of the five part series on Sunday night, only on HBO.  If critics and potential Emmy nods don’t sway you to give the show a watch, take a look at HBO’s cornucopia of video promoting the new mini.  HBOWatch will have a full review of the first two parts next week.

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