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Matthew Rhys Mentions PERRY MASON Season Two

by Jef Dinsmore
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This is another one of those little posts created just to get some news up about an HBO show MIA since the pandemic crippled us. We haven’t heard anything about PERRY MASON since it was announced back in July 2020 that the show was renewed for a second season. However, since his Golden Globe nomination recently for his title role in the HBO show, Matthew Rhys has given us our first comment regarding. What he offers is not great news for fans of the show, though. Rhys states

“The writers are behind closed doors, teasing us with things. But I would assume, unless they take a drastic turn, that now that Perry’s taken the Bar [exam], we’ll see him as the fully-fledged lawyer. I have no idea what direction they’re going to take it in, [but] I think they’re hell-bent on throwing curveballs.”  

PerryMason_S1FinalePicI take that to mean simply, as do others, that Rhys has no scripts in hand. That means the show is nowhere near ready to get in front of cameras. Perhaps all will align to see PERRY MASON filming by year’s end for a return in 2022? But let’s turn this into a good thing, yeah? I think all would agree that you need a good script to start. Acting and cinematography don’t mean a thing if the storyline is full of holes or the characters are uttering crap. TRUE DETECTIVE Season One was awesome because of the time taken to craft the script before it saw the light of day. For some, Season Two was not as lustrous because of the sparse writing time to craft it and Season Three was better because its script was better prepared. 

Well, this crime drama, PERRY MASON, is now taking extra time to prepare its set of scripts for its sophomore season. That time spent should allow for a storyline to be plotted out perfectly and for dialogue to be tweaked just right. And that is a good thing especially since we are talking about an iconic character. The conclusion of Season One saw Mason moving on to bigger and better prospects with a team ready to take on the toughest crimes the city can throw at them. So, Season Two should be good but we’re going to have to wait for it. We will keep you posted.

(Source: Deadline)

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