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Martin: Game of Thrones Prequel is “Being Discussed”

by Jacob Klein
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Martin-Dunk-Egg-Prequel-to-GoTResponding to a comment on his personal blog George R. R Martin, creator of all source material for HBO’s Game of Thrones, said that a prequel to the award winning series my be a possibility.

“Voyaging would be fun. Dunk and Egg are being discussed. Robert’s Rebellion is part of Ice & Fire, won’t be a separate series. Sandkings was done by the OUTER LIMITS; I retain feature film rights, but television rights are gone.

While nothing can be confirmed and his comments are vague indeed, this latest rumbling only adds to last week’s news that Martin has signed a new 2 year output contract with HBO . We were one of the first to speculate on a potential Dunk and Egg series last year so this comes as very exciting news indeed.

From the off-hand comments we’ve heard it looks like this project wouldn’t begin production for quite some time given that HBO currently does not have television rights to the Dunk and Egg series. But all that could change with one flick of an HBO executive’s pen. We’ll keep close tabs on said pen and report anything we hear, as always.

via Winter is Coming

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1 comment

Eleonora Iafano February 14, 2013 - 6:43 pm

I really hope a Dunk and Egg prequel is going to be made. This would bridge a lot of information together. Not to mention give GoT fans a preview as to life in the Seven Kingdoms before everyone started fighting for the Iron Throne. I do believe there are a few characters that we would recognize from A Song of Fire and Ice – mainly Maester Aemon. I am all for a series that is Dunk and Egg! Who would be cast in it would be the next question, along with a premiere date!


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