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Marnie Covers Kanye West on Captivating Episode of Girls

by Jacob Klein
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Marnie-Singing-286x300This Sunday HBO’s girls went there.  Whether you thought the episode was Dark, Graphic or even ‘Boundry Crossing‘ you’ll more than likely never forget some of the moments that Lena Dunham served up this week.  Some are even questioning the writer’s taste at this point (re: the three links above).

But darkness issues aside we wanted to highlight Marnie’s cover of the Kanye West single “Stronger”.  Some of you may love the character while others may hate her at the moment but we thought this cover was worth another listen so here it is:

We’re also interested in your thoughts on the latest episode. Did Adam rape Natalia in that scene? Was the use of.. ahem.. props justified? Are we just desensitized to this sort of thing now? Is there something wrong with our generation?

Leave us a comment below and for more go inside the episode with the cast and crew of Girls. Maybe they can explain the intensity of this Sunday’s offering:

Season 2 comes to a close this Sunday but we can already confirm that Season 3 is green and will probably premiere this year some time.

Here’s a preview for the finale:

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1 comment

M.J. Snow March 12, 2013 - 11:24 am

I LOVE this show so much and I still can’t believe that I do. I watched the first episode and hated it, but for some reason I kept going with it. I’m so glad that I did, but I’ve found myself teary at the end of almost every episode this season. It’s really hitting me in a very emotional way for some reason. I think the characters are so frighteningly, creepily realistic that it’s a bit scary and sometimes overwhelming. I can’t get enough of it.

I love Marnie and her weird awkward neediness and I admit, I really liked the Kanye cover. I don’t know that Adam raped Natalia, that’s a tricky one. She wasn’t against it at the start, and I don’t remember her asking him to stop, and yet it was clear to us that she wasn’t into it & we know that after the fact she told him she didn’t like it. Would he have done that if he’d not been drinking? If he hadn’t seen Hannah? Would he have done that to Hannah? If he’d done that to Hannah, would she have liked it? Would it have felt as bad (to us) as it did with Natalia? I’m not sure if I can even answer that.

The use of “props” was… maybe not necessary, but also not as shocking as it probably should have been. I do think that we’re becoming desensitized to things of that nature. As we were watching, our first thought was ugh, but then we wondered if it wouldn’t have been as off putting if it had been someone other than Adam [read: someone attractive]. So much to think about, and that’s what makes the show so intriguing!


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