Making of Game of Thrones: Somebody Call Stannis a Tow Truck


For those who love reading about various elements of the show’s production, a rather interesting update to Making of Game of Thrones popped today. The blog, which is primarily run by Cat Taylor, has been a bit absent this year compared to what was published during the production for Season Two. However, with a new post titled “Somebody Call Stannis a Tow Truck”, Cat has reinvigorated us with nice description of some troublesome times on the set of Game of Thrones this morning.

“It’s a crazy day, with two directors filming scenes for three separate episodes, with three different combinations of actors. In an attempt to make a turn, a huge tractor hauling a trailer full of gear has become stuck in the sand. Wheels spinning, it goes nowhere but further down. After a few attempts to maneuver, it becomes obvious that we have two choices. 1) Have VFX paint out the giant blue tractor from every frame or 2) Start carrying gear.”

The idea of VFX painting out the trailer is incredibly funny to me, and of course the crew had no choice but to carry the gear themselves. What is interesting is that while production in Northern Ireland will be drawing to a close soon, it’s obvious that filming is still going strong. Last week, we reported that the [SPOILER] will be filmed over the next few weeks, so it’s likely that’s one of the scenes Cat is referring to. More clues are discovered in the rest of her article.

A scene between Stannis and Melisandre was filmed on the beach below Ballintoy Harbour in Northern Ireland. The beach, which i’m assuming was used last year to film the burning of the Seven, has apparently changed quite a bit from the last time the crew was there. Cat says that the beach feels more intimate, and quite fitting for the scene about to take place between the two characters. While i’m desperately trying to think of an intimate beach scene between Stannis and Mel from A Storm of Swords, I am ultimately drawing a blank. More clues are given as she describes extras holding onto smallboats while standing knee high in the ocean, but it doesn’t help me much. Are they sailing somewhere? My best guess is rather spoilery, so I will leave it out of this article.

“Above us, the B camera unit is setting up the first shot, a wide high pan over the beach and out to the wind churned sea from someone’s garden patio, as one of the houses overlooking the bay hosts the perfect spot. Below, the extras are in place for rehearsal – already resigned to being battered by the waves all day, they stand in the water to the knee as they hold a boat in place. You can see the water seep up their dark uniforms as they wait patiently. Out of shot the water safety team waits, in full wetsuits, in case they are needed. Finally the tractor is free, and the greens team takes over, raking the tracks in the sand and clearing trailers full of seaweed. We are ready to begin.”

So, how cool would it be to have the Game of Thrones production crew knock on your door and ask to use your patio to film the show. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to allow them to stomp through my house with their dirty shoes, stringing power chords all over the place, and basically making a mess of everything. I’m not being sarcastic either, I really would do that!

Filming in Belfast should be a wrap by the end of next week, and then the crew is off to Iceland next month to finish the production schedule. Things are coming to a close rather quickly now. Before you know it, March 31 will be here and all the waiting will be over.

I’d like to get a bit of discussion going on for this article. For those who have read the books, what do you think the scene between Stannis and Melisandre was for? Leave your speculation in the comments below.

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