Magazine Covers Reveal New Looks for Arya & Tyrion in Season 5

As Season Five of Game of Thrones approaches, many are looking forward to see the familiar faces of their favorite characters reprise their story-lines. However, as recently released collectible covers for Entertainment Weekly have revealed, several popular characters from the series will have drastically different looks this season. Most notable in changes of appearance are Arya Stark and Tyrion Lannister who look distinctly dissimilar from their appearances in past season.

Arya Stark has the most dramatic new look this season.  While previous seasons saw Arya Stark in dirty, boyish clothes with closely cut hair, this season, Arya looks to be embracing a more feminine look. The cover reveals Arya in cleaner, more flattering clothes and neatly styled hair in tight, braided buns. She has notably traded her trousers for a long skirt, although her  signature sword, Needle is still close at hand. No longer does Arya look a travel-worn peasant boy. Instead, she is arrayed in flattering Braavosi clothing which reflect her change of location as well as position in the world.


After Arya, Tyrion Lannister’s appearance is most notably different from when we last saw him in Season Four. Tyrion has grown a shaggy beard (most likely in hopes of disguising himself), and is arrayed in clothing made of airy fabric and soft colors that suggest he has moved to warmer climes. While many have become accustomed to seeing Tyrion clean shaven and dressed to impress the courts of King’s Landing, his difference in appearance this season is suggestive of the great changes his life has undergone since he fled Westeros.


Finally, Entertainment Weekly features two othercovers featuring the fan favorites, Daenerys Targaryan and Jon Snow. Jon is dressed in his usual uniform of heavy furs and Night’s Watch black. Daenerys reclines in a new, white dress, with a large metal necklace that is reminiscent of dragon wings. One could hypothesize that Daenerys’ dress is her wedding dress, given that in leaked images, she is seen wearing a similar at events that take place close to her wedding in the upcoming season. Wedding dress or not, Daenerys looks beautiful in her gown, which accentuates her pale skin and Targaryan hair.

Here’s a bonus shot of Arya:


It is exciting to see what some of Game of Thrones’ most popular characters will look like this season. Who are you most excited to see?

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