Love is On the Air at HBO: Happy Valentine’s Day!

If last night’s episode from the final season of Big Love wasn’t enough romance to get you in the mood then perhaps a documentary on modern relationships might do the trick!  HBO is premiering When Strangers Click, a light-hearted doc demonstrating how finding love, while always tricky, has never been easier.  Tonight we’ll meet five people whose single status was transformed in unexpected ways by online encounters.

And just to torture us, the folks over at HBO threw together a True Blood themed Valentine for us to drool over. Unfortunately there aren’t any scenes from Season 4 in our Valentine from the network but it’s entertaining nevertheless:

If you still can’t forgive HBO for breaking your heart by withholding TBS4 footage, head over to the True Blood blog and take a look at today’s V-day themed post.  Waiting sucks.  Happy V-Day!

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