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LOS ESPOOKYS S2: “Las Muchas Caras de un Hombre” & “El Virus”

by Jef Dinsmore
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The fourth episode of Season Two, which translates into “One Man’s Many Faces”, finds everyone not really invested in the case at hand, which, needless to say, is not good. Tati is in business for herself as a famed writer, Andreas is searching for a place to live, Ursala wants to have a purpose via politics and Renaldo has that beauty queen ghost still on his mind. Oh, and Uncle Tito just seems to be moping around hopeless. The whole Espookys team seems lost. And that proves interesting. For me, at first, the cases the team took on were the focal point. That seems less so now as the cases get dumber and the lives involved get more interesting. The whole banter about the dumb blondes and their political ambitions has always been a total snore for me, yet they are still prevalent as this season rolls out. How does this all wind up?

LosEspookys_S2Ep4-Pic2-300x167The case of the week sort of falls flat in a number of ways. A returning client from the first season (Episode 5, about the alien lab) once again calls upon the team. this time it is to help her point out that if everyone in the world was like her husband it would be maddening because that’s what he does to her and he doesn’t see it. Okay, interesting case, but how they execute it is not. Again, the main focus seems to be on the team’s individual lives.

–Renaldo takes his uncle’s advice and seeks out the ghost’s coffin to find it empty. His life has been empty as of late and we finally see his struggles made known, including his sexuality.

–Ursala needs fulfillment also. She is making her presence known as a strong political influencer. Sometimes she gives that advice and sometimes she drops a threat, but either way, she is making a difference.LosEspookys_S2Ep4-Pic3

–Andreas is not only without purpose but without a home as well. He got squeezed out of Renaldo’s when Uncle Tito and his daughter moved in and he got displaced when a divorced Tati returned to her bedroom at Ursala’s. He found a lover who caught his eye when he was a staircase model, but he couldn’t handle the man’s children. He asked the lover to choose between him and the kids and, of course, came out on the losing end. Interesting dilemma for the fool but he is far too shallow to realize what type of person he really is.

And Tati has no clue about her purpose. She comedically falters blindly. She thinks she is a writer when all she is doing is plagiarizing others. Though book clubs and poor schools fuel her ambitions by buying her works on the cheap, thus making her successful.

This leads us to…

Episode 5 – ‘El Virus.” In this episode, we find Andreas still stumbling. He only has two cards left to play. He crawls back to Juan Carlos who rejects him and strides back into his parents’ lives to only be turned away because he insisted on wanting to be independent. They are giving him what he wanted and he hates it. What next for him? Ursala is a bit more headstrong on her agenda. She has affected the political dialogue, but what is next for her?

LosEspookys_S2Ep5-Pic2And Renaldo and Tati make some headway and good for them. Renaldo talks with the other beauty queen contestants and one of them, Miss Peru, admits that someone was out to get the deceased Karina. Finally, a lead. And we get to go into Tati’s mind. It is a pile of electric cords that needs to be plugged in. Tati plugs a set together and suddenly becomes clear that this writing gig must come to an end because something more important awaits.

Mixed in all this is the silly delight of the case of the week. A sitcom star is tired of her 37-year stint in an inane sitcom; its title translates into, “My Fucking Mother-In-Law.” Hah! She hires the team to get the damn show canceled. They basically hack the studio as Renaldo takes on the persona (via green screen work) of a computer virus threatening to wreak havoc if they don’t cancel the show. They found time to really flesh this plot out making it the best case of the season.LosEspookys_S2Ep5-Pic3

By the episode’s end, all the pieces are starting to be interconnected and the bigger picture of the surreal reality in which the Espookys reside clicks as Renaldo is seen metaphorically plugging in two cords together himself. That just scratches the surface of all the layers they apply to each and every episode. But I don’t have the time to rewatch it all to catch the connections. One more episode to go. LOS ESPOOKYS!

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