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LOS ESPOOKYS S2: “Bibi’s” and “Las Runias” (The Ruins)

by Jef Dinsmore
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Tati, as usual, is clueless, Ursala is in it deep but she doesn’t know in what, Uncle Tito is heading home and Andres is well, being the one-of-a-kind Andres. And Renaldo has a mystery on his hands while trying to deal with them all. Such is LOS ESPOOKYS. 


Episode #2 ‘Bibi’s”

This series has always been a bit quirky, but this second episode of its sophomore season is outright absurd comedy. They pack a lot of oddity in every episode but this one wins a prize. A quick rundown of character plotlines proves that. Let’s see, Juan Carlos calls off the marriage to Tati over an absurd reason. It seems the icing on the cake was carrots hollowed out and filled with candy? Okay. And Andres also finds separation, multiple times over. Since Uncle Tito & cousin Sonia are arriving, there is no more room at Renaldo’s house, after a feeble attempt at housing he ends up in Tati’s old room at Ursala’s. The absurdity arrives when Andres’ demon decides to vacate him because over it all. It ends up employed by the mayor.  

Noting yet more absurdity, Ursala’s brainwashing attempt was ignored as if it never happened, but we know it was at the hands of the local government. This, and heated discussions among Carlo’s friends fires her up to engage in the local politics. She is fired up. The client assignment this episode is rather lame and yes, absurd. I’ll let you seek out what is all about on your own but it requires Renaldo dressed up as an endearing monster named Bibi’s for school students. 


I’m left with a heap of absurdity and the next episode. 

 Episode # 3 “Las Ruinas”

This episode is more grounded in exposition and less oddity like the previous one. I always seem more interested in the plot of what case does the Espookys team LostEspookys_S2Ep3-Pic1take on next then, say the antics of the mayor, who, at the beginning of this installment, declares her run for presidency. Oh, boy. Joining the team is Uncle Tito because he just can’t lounge on the family couch all day. The case of the week involves the team planting evidence at an archeological site to back up the claim a professor makes that all queer people sport one dangly earring. If a dig site could produce ancient evidence than is theory would surely hold.  

It doesn’t however, because Uncle Tico spoke to loudly while the team was hiding at the dig and the whole case was blown. Oops. He does, however, give advice to his nephew about the dead beauty queen he keeps seeing. Time will tell if he takes it. Andres is displaced yet again when a divorced Tati moves back home. So, Andres becomes a staircase model. I know, see the episode to believe that it is a thing; at least Andres makes it work. And due to that quick side job, he snags a rich older man to be a boy toy for. And Ursala decides to help the mayor run for president. I think Ursala is out to make a difference and Los Espookys isn’t cutting it.  

We offer a look at episodes #4 & #5 next time around. LOS ESPOOKYS is one of HBO’s little shows and it appears each Friday night at 11:00pm ET on the channel. 

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