LOOKING’s Season Two Underway



 LOOKING  is before the cameras in San Francisco and has added to their cast. Verification of filming came from this link right here which states the show was filming in local hot spots and tying up traffic. Oh, well that will happen at just about any on- location shoot. Oh, and the SFExaminer had listed they were looking for extras to fill the background scenes. All this work about the city right now works with the timeline of a Winter ‘15 airing for season two.

As for the cast additions three actors are joining the ranks. They are Daniel Franzese, Chris Perfetti and Bashir Salahuddin.  Franzese, noted for looking-series-e1398566924737being in Mean Girls, plays Eddie. He is simply listed as a worker in the non-profit community and a potential love interest. Perfetti’s character is reportedly set to play the character of Brady, an opinionated San Franciscan who writes for the weekly paper when he’s not busy managing its classifieds, who is set to romance one of the series regulars. Also added is Salahuddin, who hails from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, who is added as the character of Malik who is a man working in the mayor’s office. He too is slated to link up with one of the regulars. The big question for fans would be just who is pairing up with whom in this series and will it last? What of Scott Bakula’s character? They all join Jonathan Groff, Murray Bartlett, Frankie, J. Alvarez, Russel Tovey, Raul Castillo and Lauren Weedman when LOOKING continues. Anyone interested in the show’s sophomore season?

 (Source: TVLine)


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