Looking Episode 7 Review: “Looking for A Plus One”

So we have a wedding, two break ups and a potential restaurant opening meet and greet. Where to begin with all the drama presented to us this episode? How about starting with the Inside the Episode clip.

Let’s begin with Agustin. I think audience members saw that his relationship with Frank was coming to an end. After what transpired with CJ, Agustin had documented the whole thing with pictures in order to showcase for an art exhibition. Asking for the opinions of Patrick and Dom was just a little more than Agustin could handle. I guess the truth hurts. There were plenty of hard truths to go around this entire episode. Frank and Agustin have drifted apart and the more childish and petulant Agustin becomes, the worse things get. Finally, the breaking point in the looking28_threlationship: Agustin admitting that he first cancelled his art exhibit and that he paid CJ to come over to their place. Frank, obviously hurt and disgusted, is done with the relationship. As the two are on a walk, the feelings all come to the surface and Frank wants Agustin to move out. Permanently. As Frank so eloquently put it, “I see you over there and that’s what we’ve become, we just watch each other.” (I am paraphrasing, but the point is that they have drifted apart for some time now and nothing was getting better) I was getting very annoyed watching Agustin be a real jerk to everyone else and then he would turn around and whine. Grow up. Geez.

Call it a very bad case of nerves, but we see Patrick rushing off to his sister’s wedding and he is late, frazzled and a bit on edge. Of course, this could be due to the fact that he was on Skype with his parents and his mother struck me as being a bit cold, demanding and socially conscious. The poor guy has to go to the hotel and retrieve his mother’s cell phone. He’s late and Richie shows up, well dressed and completed groomed over, as in clean shaven. He looked like a totally different man. Of course, there was a mishap with a coffee stain, getting changed into a new shirt and both are on their way to the wedding. Patrick is very nervous and my personal opinion is that he was worried about what his mother was going to think of Richie. You know that this is not going to end well, because the two of them have a fight on the way to the wedding. Richie asks Patrick to pull over and he will drive there, provided Patrick has something to make him clam down (marijuana). Patrick gets all upset and this leads to Richie leaving him, saying to go on without him.

Frazzled, Patrick leaves and goes to the wedding solo, making up an excuse about why Richie isn’t there (food poisoning). When we meet his mother, she is very preoccupied about what other people think, she is criticizing the grass, the décor, the cake and anything else about her own daughter’s wedding. Wow. She is a real charmer. I’d want to sit next to her at a social function…NOT. I can see why Patrick has got a bad case of nerves. Just take a look at his mother. But you know things can’t be too bad because someone is a guest at that wedding whom Patrick knows: Kevin, his boss. Interesting plot twist indeed. I had a feeling that Kevin would show up and hey, what a gentleman he turns out to be – he ties Patrick’s bowtie perfectly.

looking27_thDom and Lynn are busy prepping for the opening of a potential restaurant. Dom is having a meet and greet for a bunch of food critics and the general public. A lot of work has to be done before the vision can come to life. This means a lot of planning and cleaning needs to be done. As well as organizing who is doing what and who is stationed where. It appeared to me that Dom and Lynn were just like an old married couple who have a few things to bicker about. In this case it was the flowers, where the tables are going and who is going to be in the back, cooking. Lynn, being more experienced with this sort of thing, speaks with Dom outside the restaurant. Tension flies between the two because Dom is clearly stressed out and snapping at people. Lynn is trying to help by delegating and it is not going over well. Dom doesn’t want Lynn to treat him like a teenager. Lynn is not impressed and leaves Dom on his own. Are they partners in business only? Is there something else that could potentially blossom? Or is it all for naught? Well, at least Dom and his best friend Doris to give a helping hand and some sage advice. “Some people just want to help.”

Moving back to the wedding, Patrick sneaks glances every once in a while towards Kevin. Kevin takes some air and has a frank talk with his mother. Can we say icy cold and full of tension? Patrick tells his mother the real reason why Richie did not come to the wedding: he was afraid of what she would think and that she would probably say something incredibly inappropriate and hurtful. He is so wound up by what his mother thinks that he panics when he dates a new guy. Sure, because the image of his mother and her sarcastic barbs and medicated outlook on things come to mind. If she were my mother, I would be a bit concerned, too.

We find out that Patrick’s mother was not very happy when she found out her son was gay. Well lady, get over yourself! But she has been getting better about it, which is a good thing. We also hear she was on Lexapro. She is seen eating a treat of some sort, and you know it is not exactly legal. Well, “It’s legal in Colorado.” Wow. She is a real treat and you get a sense of the distance these two have in their relationship, especially after her parting remark – “If you asked me every once in while how I was doing, you’d know.”

After making a phone call to Richie, Patrick decides to have a moment to himself and is looking29_thwashing his face in the washroom. Guess who strolls in, a little bit tipsy (but very charming)? Kevin! I just knew that someone was going to do something a bit naughty. Kevin, being a little bit drunk, gets right into Patrick’s space and kisses him. Patrick, completely off guard, doesn’t full respond. I think the fight he had earlier on; dealing with his family and then speaking with his mother out on the deck were taking a toll on him.

Well, at least Patrick can end the night off by sitting with his dad. The guests have all left, they look around and his dad says, “$40,000 for this. Don’t tell me you want one of these?”

Cue to the look on Patrick’s face. It’s been one hell of a day for him. A wedding is the last thing on his mind!


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