Looking Episode 5 Review: “Looking For The Future”

ILooking_ep05n this episode, we find that Patrick is still seeking a relationship. He is now in the company of Richie, the guy he was dancing with at the club, during the previous episode. After quietly leaving Richie’s room, taking a shower and going through his medicine cabinet, Patrick decides to call in a sick day at work. Let’s just say that he was persuaded to do so and I’ll leave it at that.

The whole episode is like one long, drawn out date. Richie and Patrick begin to talk to each other. It’s amazing what people will find out when they actually communicate their feelings, hopes, dreams and desires to one another. Again, relationships are many things to different people. This one has the potential to become a serious one, but I get the feeling that Patrick is just going through the motions with Richie until something better comes along. Secretly, I think he is still enamored of Kevin, his boss, but who knows how this will all unfold in future episodes.

Patrick and Richie go sight-seeing and explore San Francisco together and begin to enjoy each other’s company. They ask questions about their backgrounds, their families and when was it that they first knew they had feelings for the same gender. It must be hard to feel those feelings and wonder if someone else out there is experiencing the same thing. When they talk of their teen years, that’s where they both discover that they had weight issues and had their first sexual experiences with other teenage guys.

The one topic that came up that was a big reality check to Patrick was getting tested for HIV. He seems to take his health very serious and kudos for him that he gets tested to make sure he has a clean bill of health. Richie, on the other hand, seemed to be passive about it. To me, that is a big no no! When you are dealing with your health, that is always something important and you should pay attention to it, whether you are gay or straight. It is totally irresponsible to be ignorant and not think that you are immune to any disease. I think in any relationship, you have to be up front and honest about your past relationships. They also talk about their families and the type of reactions their respective parents had when they ‘came out’ – which some parents are totally accepting of (Patrick), while others are not happy and do not take the news very well (Richie).


While they are walking along the shoreline, Richie tells Patrick that he sees a medium/psychic. He goes to her when he has questions and needs answers. The impression I got was Patrick was not at all into going to psychics to have your life events told to you. He appeared to be very anxious about the whole idea that someone could tell you that bad things were going to happen to you in the distant future. Richie seemed perfectly content to go to this woman, while Patrick didn’t feel comfortable putting a lot of credence into that. Patrick states that he is not interested in going to see this woman, but guess where they end up? While they are sitting there waiting for the lady to finish up with a client, Patrick has serious doubts. The fact that this woman is of Spanish descent poses a problem: Patrick cannot speak Spanish fluently. Richie offers to translate but Patrick is freaked out about the prospect of Richie hearing all the bad things that are going to happen to him first. The two of them leave.

They are later seen lying down together, speaking of things that are important to them. Patrick talks about taking the boundaries of their intimate relationship a little bit farther with Richie but is not a rush to do so. This whole episode was dedicated to watching Patrick and getting a sense on what he wants in a relationship and seeing how he navigates in the dating scene.

No two relationships are the same and you are always taking a chance on seeing whether or not it’s going to be successful. My impression is that this one, while fun, won’t last for a long time. Again, the series is called ‘Looking’ for a reason: you have to look at someone and see if you make a connection; if there’s a spark of interest there and if you are compatible. There can be a ton of the dating books stacked on the shelves of Indigo, Chapters and Barnes & Noble, but it’s more complex; looking takes patience and courage. We’ll see what path Patrick ends up choosing.

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