Lisa Kudrow’s THE COMEBACK Coming Back?

Everyone remembers THE COMEBACK don’t they? It was a single season comedy in 2005 by Michael Patrick King of SEX AND THE CITY and LisaTheComeback_poster Kudrow. Ohh, now you remember. It aired thirteen episodes coupled with ENTOURAGE the summer of that year and may now be coming back to HBO a decade later.

Both King and Kudrow are in preliminary discussion about bringing the lauded sitcom back on the air. It was a mockumentary style spoof of the reality TV genre and of celebrities fighting to stay relevant. Kudrow plays has-been actress Valerie Cherish who gets a reality show documenting her attempt at a career comeback. The show was a total ‘inside joke’ of what happens in the industry and was cleverly packaged as raw footage that would be edited for the reality series Cherish was filming. Again, it was quite clever, enough so to warrant Emmy nominations.    


THE COMEBACK seems to be one of those shows that didn’t garner a lot of attention while it was on the air, but generated praise and a following after it was cancelled. Lisa Kudrow went on to do other episodic work and hit it off with Web Therapy and Scandal while Michael Patrick King moved on to the SEX AND THE CITY movies and Two Broke Girls.  As for the show itself it was played out again on The Sundance Channel a few years ago. Here is a promo from that channel that explains the premise pretty well.


All episodes can be found on YouTube, believe it or not and on HBOGo. So there is plenty of opportunity to catch up with the series if you haven’t seen it. Exactly whether the return of this show is on the fast track or not is unclear. But, if it does come back you can be sure that Valerie Cherish will come out swinging as she struggles to stay popular.

So, do you remember this show? Are you interested in THE COMEBACK making a comeback on HBO? If enough of you buzz about it in the comments below that just might warrant the full-on HBO Classic treatment in a future post. Let us know what you think.  

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