Let’s Celebrate HBO Comedy this Fall!

HBOComedy2Catch that title? We mean it literally and figuratively. The HBO Comedy channel of your HBO package is serving up a lineup of comedy series this fall and promoting the hell out of it. It is a perfect opportunity to catch up on some of the funny antics of some of HBO’s comedic genius. This post takes a quick look at the six shows that will air weeknights at 7:00pm all fall long.

THE COMEBACK – In November (11.09) HBO debuts the surprise return of Lisa Kudrow as Valerie Cherish in the second season of this show. HBO Comedy repeats the first season weeknights to prepare for the second coming. The series, for the unfamiliar, is a satirical look at the TV industry and a celebrity’s struggle to remain relevant. The first season was in 2005 and was thirteen episodes long.

SUMMER HEIGHTS HIGH and JA’MIE: PRIVATE SCHOOL GIRL – Australian comedian Chris Lilley has unleashed his brand of humor on HBO with four series now and two of them get replayed on HBO Comedy. A trio of characters is represented by Lilley in SUMMER HEIGHTS HIGH as he offers up his take of teen life in public school. He is teacher Mr. G. and Ja’mie King and Jonah Takalua. It was a eight episode series. Lilley eventually return to one of those characters with JA’MIE: PRIVATE SCHOL GIRL, which ran for six episodes, continues the life of Ja’mie King has she returns to the preferred life in private school.

Davis_TooShort-240x300Lilley is from ‘down under’, but Warwick Davis (pictured) is just ‘across the pond’ and he appears in repeats of LIFE’S TOO SHORT. This mockumentary, whipped up by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, hilariously plays out the routine of the show business dwarf, shortcomings and all. The series ran seven episodes in 2011 and returned in 2013 to do a wrap-up special. It is thick with celebrity guests such as Liam Neeson, Johnny Depp, Steve Carell and Sting.

One show that ended to soon according to many comments on HBOWatch was ENLIGHTENED with Laura Dern and Mike White. Its two season run was empowering and funny at the same time. The comedic journey of Amy Jellicoe has she battles big business and he self-worth rallies co-workers to ‘seize the day’ and gives audiences a treat. A total of eighteen episodes can be seen again in this comedy block.

VEEP is a series still running strong with a fourth season appearing in 2015. The award winning performances of Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Tony Hale are still surrounded by a top-notch ensemble cast. This show is the highlight of the comedy offered on HBO in this writer’s opinion. Now the previous seasons, all twenty-eight episodes, can be replayed on HBO Comedy.

Yes, we hype up and hail the dramatic series on HBO, but the comedies it has offered have been a pleasure as well. Catch up with some of the talents featured over the past few years. Also don’t forget the comedy to come from GIRLS, GETTING ON and SILICON VALLEY, plus the new shows on the horizon like THE BRINK and BALLERS and VICE PRINCIPALS.  

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