Latest Development from David Milch is Boss Tweed

People_DavidMilch_AgainAs of late we seem to have been going back and forth about what was next for two big producers for HBO. The showrunners in question are David Milch and David Simon. They both seemed to be struggling to get there next project up and running with the premium channel. Just what were they going to follow up with next?

Well, we finally learned what Mr. Simon would take on. Remember this post about the MLK miniseries for Oprah? So, what about Mr. Milch; if not THE MONEY then what? Well, has helped us with a possible answer.

The Vulture brand had a recent event called Vulture Festival where, among other things, they had a sit-down with Mr. Milch. It is during that session he mentioned a dramatic project he was in the midst of writing, and since we know he re-signed with HBO recently, we finally have some promise. David Milch said –  

“I’m working on a bunch of shows … But this one that I’ve brought a sample of is about Boss Tweed, who was a political figure in the late 19th century, ran Tammany Hall here in New York City, and was a thief of prodigious dimension. He was also very fat.”

People_BossTweedMr. Milch even went as far, according to Vulture, as to read a portion of the scripted pages he brought with him. In this excerpt Boss Tweed is in jail composing a letter:

“I’m an old man, broken in health and cast down in spirit. As to the charges standing against me, through unpublished statements, I’ve received some assurance that the vindication of principle and purifying of the public service are purposes you would have me serve. Recognizing further resistance as a futility, offering unqualified surrender and supplicating mercy, I herewith submit my testimony”

Now this is just speculation on my part, but could that letter be the narrative opening to the series? Could we then see the life and crimes of Boss Tweed played out in flashback through the potential series? Just a guess, especially when there is no certainty this concept is even Milch’s next venture. We will await official confirmation. Do you like the idea? Let us know.    


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