Premiere Date for Larry David’s HBO Film: CLEAR HISTORY

Fans have been wondering where the hell Larry David’s been for the past couple of years and why he hasn’t give us word about a Curb Season 9!  But recently we found out that he’s been mustering a ton of star power to put together an epic HBO comedy film called: Clear History.  Here’s the latest teaser:

Well HBO has kept to their word in that trailer and there will be an August air date; August 10th at 9PM to be exact!  That should be the week after The Newsroom Season 2 concludes for those HBO afficionados out there who plan their Sundays around the premium cable network (or is that just me?)

Will this star studded comedy extravaganza live up to Larry’s exceptional track record of comedy gold? Find out this summer.

And Larry… what are you now, THE DUDE? Can’t wait to see wtf is going on with this film:


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