Kit Harington Talks Game of Thrones Season 3

kit-harington-profile_large_png-200x300Jon Snow’s been a busy young Night’s Watchman.  When he’s not knee-deep in snow and moonlighting, he’s jetting to the US and staying as tight-lipped as ever about Game of Thrones S3.

Kit Harington was recently in New York to promote his new movie Silent Hill: Revelation 3D at the New York Comic Con and in Los Angeles to attend the premiere which took place last Wednesday night in Hollywood.  Many interviews took a pleasant Game of Thrones detour and, as spoiler-conscious as the lovely Kit may be, he shared some of his thoughts about the upcoming season, what it’s like to work with Ciarán Hinds, and his character, Jon Snow.

In what he coins ‘the best season to date’, and more cautiously (for fear of spoilers), ‘the season of betrayals’, Harington claims that the budget for this season is bigger than that of the previous two seasons.

He told Collider, “I’d definitely say our budget’s bigger for season three, you can feel it on set.  I’ll put it this way: season one was a big impact season, season two was more story, season three is another impact season.

He went on to add,” There’s some wonderful stuff coming in this season which is gonna grab people, especially if they don’t know what’s coming… So I’d say enjoy it, because this season is my favorite season so far.”

He’s just as excited about this upcoming season as we are, lads and lasses. He continued ,“I feel about ‘Thrones’ that this season is gonna be kind of the iconic one.”

A slew of climactic events, an increased budget and Kit’s prediction spell one thing: A season of epic proportions, spared no expense.

Fans will also be thrilled/close-to-tears relieved to hear that, according to Mr Harington, the general plot follows the third book as closely as possible.

He went on to say, “They’re always trying to stick as close to the books as much as possible because the books are so wonderful and we don’t want to stray too far from them. We don’t want to piss off fans, don’t want to piss off George, but obviously there has to be adaptations. But I think, yeah, it sticks pretty close.

This may be in light of some of the more drastic changes that took place in season 2.  Although it was a very successful season by all standards, many fans weren’t entirely joyous about the story line alterations.

Jon-Snow-Sex-Naked-258x300Jon’s scenes in S3 will resume when he’s led to the Frostfangs and taken before Mance Rayder.  Kit told Screencrush that, initially, he wanted Ian McShane for the role, and that Ciarán Hinds had never crossed his mind.  He explained, “I hadn’t even thought about Ciarán Hinds and then it was announced and I went, ‘That’s perfect, he’s perfect for that role.’ ”

Kit, who has always been a fan of the actor, had nothing but glowing reviews for the man who plays the King-Beyond-the-Wall. “It’s so nice to meet an actor in the flesh and for you to respect them still after you’ve met them and been friends with them – like Sean or like Ciarán.”  He candidly added, “Cause sometimes people can be assholes when you actually meet them.”

“He is just such a lovely man. I’ve done one scene with him so far and, without giving anything away – I mean, it’s pretty obvious that I meet him [in the show]. Yeah, again, he’s one of my favorite stage and screen actors.” Kit explained.

And what of Ciarán’s acting prowess?  “You’ve never seen a man work a camera the way he works it, perfectly.  He does this thing where he sort of [demonstrates] doesn’t…even…doesn’t even blink. He just doesn’t, and it’s engaging to watch, and quite sort of mesmerizing to act opposite.”

That’s Mance Rayder’s  stamp of approval from Jon Snow.  Now, what of our beloved bastard?  For all intensive purposes, he has to play at being a turncloak, and goes as far as to sleep with the enemy.  Literally.

In S3, we’ll see the young Snow experience more conflict and inner turmoil *hug*.  “I think he has a shock, because he’s always been told that these people are evil. That they’re not to be trusted. And then he meets them. He meets a few of them, like Ygritte, and he suddenly realizes that they’re just like him, they’re just living on a different side of the Wall. So that’s a big learning curve. Having to infiltrate the wildlings is a big task for him. He has to become one of them and I think he becomes more one than he thinks he will.” Kit shared with io9.

For the full io9 interview, check out the video.

Kit’s in the middle of filming and will be slapping on those added layers of furs within the next two weeks ( believed to be 12/13 November – 27 /28 November) when he flies to Iceland to film the final scenes.

31st March, get. Here. Now #Please


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