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Kit Harington Returns to HBO in Season Three of INDUSTRY

by Matthew Smith
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That other board-level show is back on HBO/HBO Max/Max soon! In the increasingly fickle world of short-lived streamers, what joy, then, that a property so alternative and damn-near alienating (in a good way) has been renewed, especially when up against a platform-sharing juggernaut of a similar environmental tonality. While Industry is certainly (and constantly referenced on this site as such) the best Max original show that no one is watching, it is interesting to wonder whether it achieved this third season all on its own, or if indeed, the continued success of Succession spurred the willingness to air more stories set against these sorts of backdrops.


Regardless, HBO (let’s call them HBO) are turning to old blood to bolster engagement with the recent news that Kit Harington (Game of Thrones) will be playing a major part in the new season. As Pierpoint look to assist with the upcoming IPO of green-tech company Lumi, Harington will feature as Henry Muck – its founder and CEO. Just how the drama will unfold is, of course, unknown, but this new alone promises a major storyline and presumably ample screentime from Harington who, in his casting, automatically becomes the most recognisable name on the recurring cast roster.


Also hitting the trading floor in a recurring guest role is another HBO-vet in Sarah Goldberg (Barry). As a portfolio manager of ethical investment fund Futuredawn, one would assume that given her rising status, she will likely feature as a key player in the Lumi IPO alongside Harington and existing Pierpoint alumnus. Who, though, will be fascinating to find out. With Harper notably out of the Pierpoint picture, could this be Yasmin’s shining moment? Again, the considerations of rising star status behind the scenes would likely need to be taken into account when making these sorts of predictions, especially when Marisa Abela is on the cusp of a huge Hollywood breakout, leading Sam Taylor-Johnson’s Amy Winehouse biopic later this year. Or could Robert be making a larger play, having been relegated to minor storylines the majority of last season?

Either way, the addition of two major faces to the Industry boiling pot, at this point, seems to speak volumes about HBO’s unchanged and, if anything, increased confidence in the BBC-co-production. Having only started shooting in April of this year, it may be 2024 before it airs, but the investment looks to be sure of yielding a decent return.

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