Katt Williams’ Style of Comedy Returns to HBO



On 05.17 director Spike Lee will be calling the shots for the taping of a live Katt Williams standup comedy routine. The performance will be edited and packaged for airing on HBO later this year. It will be taped at the Citizens Bank Arena in Ontario, Quebec, Canada.

 The upcoming comedy special is not the first time Katt has appeared on HBO. All his previous visits have been spread out over a few years with film and TV roles in between. It can also be noted that a total of nine different arrests over the years has not seem to affect his career much. His first foray in front of HBO’s cameras was in 2006 with THE PIMP CHRONICLES, PT 1 where he launched his most noticed comedy set “The Shit Right Here Nigga.”  Also at that time he was popping up on RUSSELL SIMMONS’ DEF COMEDY JAM. In 2008 Williams was back with PIMPIN’ PIMPIN’. It was a stint of multiple arrests for assault charges and eventually an announced retirement that keep him away until 2012 when he offered KATTPACALYPSE to HBO.

 In late 2013 he kicked off his Growth Spurt Tour and I’m assuming Spike Lee saw the show and must have showed interested in making the TV gig happen. Now the untitled fourth special is announced and Katt Williams surely has a lot of life experience to draw on for his material since his absence this time around. Katt is back! 

There is no such thing as a non-NSFW video clip of Katt Williams. Here is an old promo for his first HBO comedy from 2006.

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