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Kate Winslet’s First Time on TV in HBO’s ‘Mildred Pierce’

by Jacob Klein
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kate-winslet-hbo-241x300Kate Winslet will be doing something she’s never done before.  Kate is an Oscar winner and was a part of the one of the biggest grossing movies of all time, James Cameron’s Titanic.  She won Golden Globes for Best Actress and Supporting Actress in the same year for Revolutionary Road and The Reader, respectively. So why is she moving to the small screen?

Winslet will be appearing in Mildred Pierce on HBO, a miniseries in five parts. She did find it to be different than working on a movie: “Sure we have more to shoot…but the level of determination and level of focus was so much more intense than certainly any film I’ve ever been apart.”

She added that “television is so much harder,” meaning that the actors had to be “hyper-focused” on set. Still, there’s no doubt that Kate Winslet will be able to do just as well on the small screen as she does on the big screen, and her fans will, of course, tune in to see her in Mildred Pierce as “a single mother struggling obsessively to win her daughter’s love during the Great Depression.”

Tune in to Kate Winslet’s television debut on HBO’s Mildred Pierce, airing March 27th?

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