I think it is really difficult to review a stand-up comedy routine. Everyone’s taste in what is funny and what is not is is unique. I might go off on declaring the gig by this big popular comedienne as the best thing going, but if you found her too offensive it just wouldn’t matter what I said. Hell, if you think she’s too vulgar then you wouldn’t last too long at this special anyway. She is quite comfortable in being raunchy. Some critics also have been slinging accusations as of late that she is out and out racist. Of course, her act is cleaned up, at least in that regard, for this HBO Special. What, you say? Cleaned up for HBO? Nuh uh. Think about it. She wasn’t about to hint at any racial jokes at the Apollo Theater, which is nestled in the heart of Harlem.

Anyway, we have a one hour stint (which debuted on 10.17) of Amy Schumer going through her paces, modified or not. She certainly comes across as confident and comfortable about everything and anything. She discusses most topics ever so briefly and doesn’t riff on any one thing at length. She talks about her love of food, her UTI, bodily fluids, Hollywood’s obsession with the thin and glamorous;  body image, sex positions, women’s desires being as strong as men’s and  her dating failures. All of this is not uncommon ground for a number of coPeople_AmySchumermics, but she has her own contradictory way of telling it. She looks like the girl next door and at times puts on coquettish airs but also admits that she loves sex and it is alright. Certainly don’t expect her to be topical or political. She admits that also. She is not up on current news as she says – “[My friends] were all very upset about Ferguson and I was like, ‘I know. I can’t believe he left the show.’ I kept telling people I was going to do the ISIS bucket challenge…”   

Of course, you wonder how much of it is her or is it all an act? It is all a guess, but the bottom line is either you laugh through it or you don’t. 2015 has been a hot year for her and HBO managed to capture a moment of her comedic reign with comic Chris Rock directing. For me, it was neither good or bad. Having never seen her work (no I didn’t see Trainwreck or any of Inside Amy Schumer) so I don’t know what all the hype has been about. To me the HBO Special AMY SCHUMER  LIVE AT THE APOLLO is only a must see if you are already into Amy Schumer.

It also airs 10.23 at midnight, 10.27 at 10:30pm; 10.29 at 1:00am and into November. It is also on HBO2 and on HBONow/Go.

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