Julianne Moore Talks Game Change (Daily Show)

Actress Julianne Moore appeared on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show last night to talk about her portrayal of Sarah Palin in HBO’s Game Change. She defended the show against critics saying: “We were careful to be as balanced as possible in our portrayal.” Adding “This is less of a story about Sarah Palin than it is those 60 days between her pick and the loss,” Moore said. “We’re really trying to tell that story. And it really is: How do we choose our leaders? Why is it we’re so drawn to magnetism, charisma, good looks, all those things that movie stars have. Do our leaders need to have those too?”

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Julianne Moore
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Check out the entire video below and be sure to set your DVRs for the world premiere of Game Change on HBO at 10 PM. Oh, and be sure to read our full review as we’ve already seen it at the Seattle premiere!

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