Julia Louis-Dreyfus talks Veep on The Daily Show

Julia Louis-Dreyfus appeared in The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night to talk about her upcoming HBO series Veep which premires this week (April 22nd at 10PM). In the interview she talks about how she was able to spend time with Al Gore, another unnamed vice president and spend some time in the senate chambers of Washington DC in preparation for her role.


At the end of the interview she mentions that the show premieres right after Game of Thrones at 10PM. The camera begins to fade out and you hear Jon Stewart say: “Game of Thrones? That’s the lead in of the year, right there!” How true! So give the show a chance because you know you’ll be watching that night anyway.. and for that matter, watch Girls as well because that series is about to blow millennial’s minds as it moves into it’s second episode. Here’s the clip from the Daily Show.

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus
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It’s hard not to love Julia. Watch Veep after Game of Thrones this Sunday night on HBO.

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