Judd Apatow Confirms a 12 Episode Season 3

Girls-Season-3-extended-1024x678UPDATE: HBO has actually confirmed this already.  But if this was news to you– Celebrate all over again!

Ahh, the magic of Twitter.  A world where even a common man or woman can ask the most famous, talented people in the world anything and quite possible get a reply!  Or even a reply that breaks news.  Today an anxious fan tweeted Girls co-creator Judd Apatow with a simple question:

“Why aren’t there more episodes of Girls?!”

To which Judd replied:

From one of the men at the top, himself!  This is sure to please fans of Girls and certainly helps to solidify the show’s place in HBO’s lineup. The extra two episodes (up from previous season’s TEN) may also help flesh out some of the questions fans have after last season such as ‘where the fu#k is Jessa?!’

No word on a premiere date for Season Three but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we won’t have to wait an entire year.  We’ll keep our schedule up to date with official word on that.

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