Jon Stewart May Show Up on HBO by Election Night…Or Not

People_JonStewartYeah, you read that right. We are keeping our eye out and counting the days until Jon Stewart delivers his brand of observation on HBO and by Fall of this year would be just great.

Now there is not a lot to this story, in fact that is one reason why we didn’t drop it right away. In an interview for the Paley Media Council HBO CEO Richard Plepler was asked by CNN ’s Brian Stelter, if we could expect to see Stewart by Election Night 2016 on HBO. The network CEO’s simple response was

“Yeah, I’m hopeful.”

That is it. Not much to write about there really. We decided to hold back on reporting on this, like so many did, because we were kind of hoping in the next few days Jon Stewart could drop some news about his next concept as a follow up. He has finally done so and it is just as vague a response as the one Plepler gave.

David Axelrod on The Axe Files podcast asked him if he was appearing soon and Stewart’s response was

“I am not going to be on television anymore… “We are working on technology and animation to try and do interesting little small bits… I’d love to have it ready by September, but not necessarily for the election, as though that’s the D-Day.”

So there you go with a whole lot of nothing really. HBO’s CEO would hope that Jon Stewart made his appearance on any HBO format sooner than later and it just seemed logical as the political animal Stewart seemed during his stint on The Daily Show that the drama that is the 2016 elections is something he wouldn’t want to miss out on. It appears, though, that Stewart, will bide his time in making his HBO content special. I mean, we have already seen him hash out the political side of life before.

Whatever he comes up with then will be worth the wait. Will it be yet this year or into 2017? Time will tell and we eagerly await what is on Jon Stewart’s mind.

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