John Lennon, the HBO Subscriber

John Lennon was many things to many people.  To some he was a progressive activist, to others a musical genius but as of today one thing is no longer in dispute- John Lennon was an HBO junkie.  In a new auction of a ‘to-do-list’ confirmed to be owned by the famous Beatle, John casually writes about having the “H.B.O. Guy” over to presumably fix his malfunctioning cable and to “BE THERE“.   We’re not sure what the star meant next to the note about HBO but we’re sure it was to emphasis the critical importance of this particular task!


HBO didn’t start producing the quality original programming its famous for today until after Mr. Lennon’s death in 1980 so we’re assuming he just needed his HBO movie fix (and who doesn’t?)  We like to imagine him watching Apocalypse Now or Kramer vs. Kramer on premium cable.   It just goes to show that whoever you are, rich or poor, famous or not, everyone needs their HBO.  If you don’t have HBO yet, put it on your list.. any list!  Or you can just just buy this one for $3000!  Which HBO shows do you think John would be watching today?  Real Time with Bill Maher?  Game of Thrones?  Comment below with your thoughts on this odd list!

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