Joe Manganiello Gets Naked on True Blood

joe-manganiello-Sex-Scene-True-Blood-HBO-225x300In the most recent eddition of OUT magazine, resident True Blood werewolf hottie, Joe Manganiello says he’s perfectly comfortable with nude scenes in season 5 saying: “As far as the butt cheeks stuff goes, it just makes sense”.

“It’s not gratuitous; it’s realistic.  If you’re a werewolf and you transform, you lose everything and there are your butt cheeks.”   He adds, “The show is a deconstruction of supernatural creatures. It’s not like other werewolf projects where you magically reappear with tiny jean shorts on.

It remains to be seen whether or not the actor will participate in any sex scenes on the set of True Blood but it looks like he doesn’t have too much of a problem appearing in the buff!  Will Sookie find yet another hookup this season?  Not sure which person would be considered to be ‘getting lucky’ in that situation (maybe both?).

On being single Joe says: “I used to have two dogs, but, um, the owner of the dogs moved out,” he says. “I’m single. Yeah, I used to not like being alone, but I dig it, man.”  Sorry ladies it looks like he’s enjoying the single life.. but maybe you’re okay with it not getting too serious..

True Blood Season 5 Premieres this Summer on HBO.

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