Jimmy to Return (briefly) in Boardwalk Empire Season 3

Jimmy-Back-300x168Fans were shocked when (season 2 spoiler alert) Jimmy was whacked by Nucky in the rainy finale last year.  But fans of Jimmy Darmody can pour themselves another celebratory drink because we can now confirm that Micheal Pitt will be seen in a few flashback scenes in Boardwalk Empire season 3.  Entertainment insider and founder/editor of TVLine had this to say about Jimmy’s appearences:

Early into Season 3, Nucky’s late protégé turns up in a flashback, but it’s old footage not new. Jimmy’s presence is mostly felt whenever his demarbled mother Gillian (now the proud co-owner of a brothel!) sashays into view. The incestuous menace has hired Richard Harrow to help rear little Tommy, but he’s under strict orders not to regale the orphan with stories of his late parents. Margaret, meanwhile, continues to channel her inner feminist trailblazer by spearheading a women’s health initiative with the aid of a cute doctor.

So it looks like we’ll only get previously recorded footage but who knows, maybe we’ll get something from the cutting room floor that we haven’t see before. Perhaps some of you were already expecting this but it feels good to get confirmation, no? Jimmy’s presense weighs heavy on the boardwalk and Nucky’s character has been shaped by the man in ways we don’t even understand yet. Tune in September 16th for the premiere.


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