Jane Fonda to Play CEO in HBO’s Newsroom

Jane-Fonda-Newsroom-HBO-241x300According to TVLine Aaron Sorkin’s new HBO series is about to add another big name to the ever growing cast list.  Jane Fonda will be joining the show unofficially referred to as Newsroom.  The show is set behind the scenes at a cable news program and stars Jeff Daniels, Olivia Mun and more.  HBO has been very quiet about this new program as deals are finalized and shooting is set to begin so we have very few details about the show’s production timeline other than it’s cast.

The two time Oscar winning actress will play the CEO of the cable news network’s parent company. Shes a hard hitting businesswoman who is often in conflict with the news division of her company. How does Aaron Sorkin get all of these amazing actors in one place!?  Newsroom should premiere sometime next year. More as this story develops.

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