Ja’mie: Private School Girl on DVD and Digital HD

It’s finally here, and anybody who is anybody will already have this DVD set in their freshly manicured hands. If you haven’t picked it up yet, then order it now! This is a series that totes deserves a re-watch, and now you get Bonus Features, too! If you didn’t watch Ja’mie: Private School Girl when it aired on HBO, what’s wrong with you? You’re obviously a boarder and need to sort out your priorities. Order the DVD set, put your lip gloss on and get watching!


In case you missed it, which would be hard to believe, Ja’mie: Private School Girl is another brilliant comedy series from Chris Lilley, who created, wrote and starred in Angry Boys, Summer Heights High and We Can Be Heroes. Ja’mie King, who we last saw as a transfer student in Summer Heights High, has returned to her natural habitat; private school. Ja’mie has got it all, she’s a prefect, the hottest girl in school, she’s smart, well rounded and rich. This is year twelve, Ja’mie’s last year at Hilford Girls’ Grammar, and she’s determined to become this year’s Hilford Medal recipient. The only problem is that she’s not the only one who’s going for the gold. While she battles the boarders, she finds herself at odds with bestie, Madison, over Mitchell, the hottest boy at Kelton Boys’ Grammar. Adding to the confusion is Kwami, Ja’mie’s African exchange student, who proves to be yet another bump in the road to becoming “Best Girl in Year twelve.”


The Specifications:

Available – NOW!

Where to find it – Amazon.com, HBO Shop, ABC Australia

Rating – TV-MA, Bonus Material: NR

Discs – 2

Formats – DVD and Digital HD

Languages – Audio: English, Subtitles: English, French, Spanish

Runtime – 180 minutes, excluding Bonus Material

Aspect Ratio – Widescreen

Genre – Comedy

The series, which runs for 6, 30 minute episodes, stars Chris Lilley, as Ja’mie King, and also features Georgie Jennings as Ja’mie’s best frenemy, Madison; Brad Brivik, as Ja’mie’s overly indulgent dad, Marcus; Jhyll Teplin, as her saintly mom, Lester Ellis Jr, as hot boyfriend, Mitchell; Brody Dare, as arch nemesis, Erin; Alex Cooper, as Ja’mie’s gay BFF, Cody; Madelyn Warrell, as bitchy younger sister, Courtney; and Albert Mambo, as her adopted African, Kwami.


Disc 1

Episode 1, Episode 2Episode 3

Deleted Scenes

  • There are just too many deleted scenes to talk about them all! There are TONS of them! Every single one is a fun watch for a Ja’mie fan, and I wouldn’t recommend skipping any. Standout moments include Ja’mie’s self portrait in “Painting,” and the girls discussing what being prefects is all about, and why it’s so important for a prefect to be hot, in “Being Prefects.”

Behind the Scenes

Episode 1

  • Opening Titles – Watch the incredibly talented (and super cute!) Chris Lilley recording the piano portion of the title music, then see the the orchestra join in to create the finished piece. Next get treated to actual behind the scenes  footage of the opening sequence being filmed.
  • Casting in Schools – Casting directors, directors, producers and choreographers take us along for the ride as they visit private schools around Australia to find the perfect Hilford students and prefects. Learn how Chris Lilley uses “real people,” rather than actors, for the supporting roles in his series. Revisit the “box gap” scene, see some of the real Hilford academy and learn about the challenges of shooting in a real high school.
  • Driving with Ja’mie – Driving with Ja’mie is a harrowing experience. We get to see how the sequences are put together, both inside the car, and out.
  • The King House – Creating and filming in and around Ja’mie’s home with a look at special props and elements included to set the scene perfectly. We spend some time with Ja’mie’s parents and hang out in her super quiche bedroom. Looks at Gampy’s house and Mitchell’s room are included as an extra bonus.

Episode 3

  • The Party – At eleven minutes, this is the longest look behind the scenes on Disc 1. From set up to extras to filming, to clean up, the party is broken down step by step. The kids drink water and pretend to get drunk as shots are set up and cameras roll. This segment went on a little bit longer than I needed it to, and I wish they gave us a little more information instead of just running through a most of the party. I would say this was the least interesting of the behind the scenes action.

Disc 2

Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6


Deleted Scenes

  • Once again, there are simply tons of deleted scenes! Far too many to list, and after watching them all, it’s hard to pick a favorite. Highlights include Ja’mie facing off with the head master in “Muck Up Tears,” and dishing about hot boys with Cody in “Mitchell vs Kwami.”

Behind the Scenes

Episode 4

  • The Fight – Blocking and choreographing the fight scene between Ja’mie and Madison is too funny, quite possibly the best of the behind the scenes footage. Definitely check this one out.

Episode 5

  • Muck Up Day – The year twelve girls wreak havoc on the Hilford campus. The prefects discuss the toilet paper scene and we get to watch as hilarity ensues. Then we get to visit with the Kelton boys as they torment the prefects and we’re treated to a read through of Mitchell’s Muck Up Day dick pic scene.

Episode 6

  • Presentation Day – Chris Lilley, in full Ja’mie attire, practices his piano performance for the inspirational “Learning to be Me” ballad. The girls get set for the choral performance and we observe the scene being blocked and filmed. Good commentary from the directors gives us insight into the process of finding the right mood for the scene.
  • The Finale – Ja’mie’s airport scene is filmed from the perspective of the airport’s security cameras. In order to film in a public location without bystanders catching on is a covert operation and is carried out with extreme secrecy!
  • Blaxland College – Weather becomes an issue when trying to film the alternative school scene. Difficulties arise as filming is worked around the school’s schedule, and daily activities interrupt filming periodically. Extras struggle with filming scenes, as Chris Lilley is just too funny!
  • The Prefects Reflect – The girls take a look back at the filming of the series from start to finish. The experience is interspersed with photo shoots for publicity shots and promos.


  • As per most DVD sets, the blooper reel is the best part, by far. If you thought the show was funny, check out the outtakes. I promise you, you’re in for a real treat! Eight minutes of bloopers goes by way too fast. For Chris Lilley fans who have already seen the series, it would be worth buying the set, just to see the blooper reel.

Want to see what Ja’mie is all about?

The Ja’mie trailer is here: httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRRPytv_STI

And don’t miss Chris Lilley’s newest series, Jonah from Tonga, airing Fridays at 9PM on HBO!

The Jonah trailer is here:  httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3q544KuSKU


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