Iwan Rhoen Joins Game of Thrones

Iwan+Rheon+Laurence+Olivier+Awards+Winners+u2_vxNUcPDrl-216x300We are a little late to the party with this news, but now is better than never. Last Friday, the Game of Thrones fan-site WinterIsComing.net discovered through their own due diligence that Misfits actor Iwan Rhoen will join the cast for Season Three. Although the news hasn’t been confirmed by HBO, the guys over at WiC seem to be confident that Rhoen will play the role of Ramsay Snow. Their article includes a link to a recent Facebook photo, which shows him at a pub in Belfast playing pool with other cast members; and further research by WiC revealed that the CV on Rhoen’s agency website has him cast as “boy” on the hit fantasy series. With rumors circulating that the role of Mance Rayder is still being cast, the idea that Iwan will play Ramsay Snow seems extremely likely. Given the credentials and talent level of this actor, it’s a good assumption that he would be cast for a big role. Mance Rayder and Ramsay Snow are really the only big parts left to fill, and Rhoen would be an excellent fit to play Roose’s bastard.

Iwan Rhoen is a Welsh actor best known for playing Simon Bellamy on the British Sci-Fi series Misfits. As a graduate of the London Music and Drama Art, Rhoen is also an Olivier award-winning stage actor and singer. In 2008, he played Moritz Stiefel in the highly successful rock-musical Spring Awakening, which won him the Oliver Award. Recently, he made guest appearances on the comedy Grandma’s House in 2010, and Secret Diary of a Call Girl in 2011.

Also known as “the Bastard of Bolton”, Ramsay Snow wasn’t seen in Season Two. He is the bastard son of Robb Stark’s bannerman Lord Roose Bolton, as well as his only living child. Ramsay despises the fact that he is base-born, and considers himself the true heir to the Dreadfort. After Theon Greyjoy captures Winterfell, Lord Bolton convinces Robb to allow Snow to lead an army and take back the castle.  After Theon’s men betray him, the Ironislanders appear to flee the Wintefell; however, the castle is mysteriously burned to the ground and Ramsay’s army is suspiciously nowhere to be seen.

Author’s Note: I don’t keep up with British television too much these days, but I do know Misfits. That being said, i’m really excited about this casting if it turns out to be true. Iwan is a great actor and I have no doubt he will be an excellent Ramsay Snow. We will update this article as soon as we hear official confirmation on which role he as been cast for, but it’s looking like a sure thing so far.

Update: WiC is now reporting that HBO confirmed Iwan Rhoen has been cast and will play the role of “boy”. Still no confirmation about which character “boy” is referring to. However, it’s still very likely that Rhoen will be playing Ramsay Snow. Or Bolton. Whatever.

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