Updated – “Its A Holy Shit Moment”…VICE Season 3 Debuts March 06, 2015

Update – If you haven’t been watching VICE than what the hell is wrong with you! HBO still has not released a Press Release regarding the upcoming third season, but we do have a video clip with Shane Smith to share. I’m all over this, but you know that. I hope you are also, or at least you should be. Peace.

The following brief information comes from VICE.com, not from HBO. A forthcoming official Press Release from HBO will be updated to this post when it becomes available. For now – just watch this!

As VICE states – 

…this time around the show will feature on-the-ground reporting from the most interesting corners of the globe, as well as a slew of new hosts. The stories in this season will take us from Tennessee to Antarctica and beyond.

Of course a number of us here at HBOWatch are fans of the show and are curious as to not only where they will report from, but also who is hosting and how the DeBrief  of each report will be handled this coming season. Upon close examination of the trailer we can learn a few things. For example, we can see that Shane Smith once again addresses the climate change issue, that Suroosh Alvi is in the thick of it again, this time in San Salvador, that Vikram Gandhi is with refugees, that Thomas Morton is running amuck or to safety and we have a glimpse of a new female host around some bad water. Oh, and we did get the tip earlier that downtown Ferguson, Missouri is a destination. Hey, was that where Thomas Morton was in the clip?

They know how to play it up too, don’t they? It has bodies, explosions, gunfire, engaging music and a few awesome sound bites. It gets the adrenaline pumping…Okay..at least for this writer it does. So much so, that between reading issues of VICE magazine and checking its site I will be reviewing each episode as it comes along. It is going to be a great season that is fourteen episodes long beginning on FRIDAY, MARCH 06, 2015 beginning at 11:00pm after REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER Don’t, and I mean don’t miss it. Peace. 



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