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Is the HBO Documentary Series THE JINX 2 possible?

by Jef Dinsmore
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You were among those glued to HBO’s airing of the documentary series THE JINX: THE LIFE AND DEATHS OF ROBERT DURST earlier this year, right? The six episode limited series, or miniseries or whatever it is classified, held audience’s attention as murder suspect Robert Durst allowed cameras to be turned on him. The crimes, as best they could be pieced together, were reenacted and Durst was interviewed. What was revealed was creepy, odd and disturbing the whole way up to its final moments.

Since then, THE JINX (by Andrew Jarecki, pictured) was entangled in a bit of controversy as to how it how/when it was shot. The bigger nPeople_AndrewJareckiews was that Durst was arrested in New Orleans shortly after the final episode aired, but only after he was called to California to face trial for the murder of Susan Berman, though authorities on all sides stated that their interests had nothing to do with the news making series. Apparently, to quell any undue attention Durst was planning to slip out of the country, though he called all the attention onto himself with the series to begin with.

This leaves us with Robert Durst sitting in prison in NOLA after a gun, drugs, money and a mask were found in his hotel room, which defense claims was obtained without a warrant. Authorities are also trying to make a connection between Durst and cold cases of missing or murdered woman in the Vermont town Durst once resided in. It seems they are doing everything and anything to put this guy away, yet they are detaining him and not extraditing him to Los Angeles to stand trial for first degree murder. It gets weirder all the time.

I bring all this up because one little website has whispered about a need for Season Two of THE JINX. It is an old posting, but it makes you wonder. Can HBO continue to cash on this sensation and its odd lead character? Non-fictional crime procedurals are hot again after the raved podcast Serial followed by Jarecki’s cinematic investigation. There is certainly more to investigate. The director could explore Durst’s early life further when he was living in Vermont and he could certainly reenact what happened to Robert Durst after the conclusion of the series. There could even be a third season if and when the alleged criminal is tried in LA. The only catch is would Jarecki have access to interview Robert Durst yet again to get his spin on it all? TheJinx_DurstJailed-300x225Would Durst even think that would be a wise move to make? Surely, he does not see Jarecki as trust-worthy at this point when if officials allowed such a meeting? And you can be damned sure Durst knows by now to take of the live microphone when he is left alone.

I suppose there is always the option of finding and working on a brand new case for a new season of on-going real life crime cases but, come on, there is only one Robert Durst! What do you think? Would you go for a second season of getting into the head of the man known as The Jinx? Would such a continuation of the story be as good without interviews with the key subject? It is all wishful thinking I believe, but it would sensational if it could happen.

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