Is Jon Snow Coming Back? Kit Harington’s Whereabouts May Offer Clues

WARNING: Major Game of Thrones spoilers below.

Ever since Game of Thrones‘ latest season ended with the supposed death of fan-favorite Jon Snow, many have been in debate as to whether the character is truly dead or not. While some argue that no one can survive multiple stabbings to the vital organs, surprisingly, most fans are of the opinion that Jon’s story isn’t over. The internet abounds with fan theories about how Jon Snow will survive his attack, or even be resurrected from death, but while some shrug them off as merely the fantasies of heart-sick viewers who cannot accept their favorite character’s  death, there is a strong majority that argues that Jon’s return is as inevitable as winter’s arrival in Westeros. While the debate on Jon Snow’s mortality has raged on since the last episode of Season Five, perhaps it can finally be laid to rest thanks to recent news.

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Committed fans have been keeping close tabs on actor Kit  Harrington’s whereabouts (and hair length) since the beginning of June, and finally, their watch has paid off. Harrington was spotted in a Belfast airport, July 20th, leading to suspicions that the actor might be reprising his role as Jon Snow, since Belfast is currently the hub of Game of Thrones’ production. At the time, many Game of Thrones actors were assembled there for table-readings of the script and later filming. It seemed highly likely that Kit Harrington might be joining the cast for Season Six. To add fuel to the fire, Harrington was spotted in Belfast again, several days later, by the Daily Mail. Though shrouding his signature hair with a hoodie, Harrington was extremely near the Game of Thrones set, and also in the company of another Game of Thrones actor,  Ben Crompton (Eddison Tollett).

dead-snowThe combination of these two sightings seem certainly to point towards Kit Harrington having some definite role to play in Season Six. While it is of course possible that he might be in Belfast simply to act in a funeral scene,or even in scenes which are simply flashbacks,  it is also equally possible that Harrington might be in Belfast to film scenes in which his character is alive– at least in some form. When a red priestess with the powers to raise the dead  arrives conveniently at the Wall right before Jon Snow’s death, it certainly raises questions… But such questions cannot be answered truly until the next season of Game of Thrones comes out, or George R.R. Martin finally publishes his next book. For now, we shall have to wait and see. If Kit Harington continues to be spotted in Belfast, that might suggest he has a greater commitment than filming a few short funeral scenes. With the abundance of rabid fans equipped with cell-phone cameras and HBO’s apparent lack of interest in hiding Kit Harrington’s presence, more sightings of the actor should roll out soon.

Things are beginning to look like Jon Snow isn’t staying dead! What are your thoughts on the matter? Comment below!


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