Is HBO Gettng On with GETTING ON Season 2?

GettingOn_galsWe are already full aware that both Christopher Guests’ FAMILY TREE and Stephen Merchant’s HELLO LADIES are not renewing for a sophomore season (though Stuart Pritchard’s story does get one last special), but what about GETTING ON season 2? The comedic series that grace HBO have had a rough showing and a strong series, at least in this writer’s opinion, like GETTING ON is needed. Yes, it has GIRLS and VEEP, but though they are lauded works the number of viewers is quite low. LOOKING had pretty low numbers on its debut (338,000) as well.

There has been little news on any type of decision to renew the dark comedy starring Alex Borstein, Laurie Metcalf and Niecy Nash. One report from Deadline says that a green light for a Season two hinges on budgetary concerns. Is everyone sinking money into the big dramatic projects that there isn’t money for the comedies? Is the facility and equipment utilized for the geriatric ward set for GETTING ON that expensive or do the leads want unrealistic raises? Who knows, but it has evidently stalled the process of quickly renewing the project.

Laurie Metcalf is hedging her bets by looking at the CBS comedy pilot The McCarthy’s. So she is prepared to move on if her HBO show doesn’t continue. But, if that is part of the issue the show could go on without her Dr. Jenna James character. The wacky doctor was looking to leave anyway. Of course, there is no need for weak speculation on the Hollywood mechanics behind it all. HBOWatch will wait out the decision and hope that it returns. In the meantime we have the forthcoming comedies DOLL & EM and SILICON VALLEY to look forward to checking out.





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