Invitation to the Set: Veep Season 3

HBO periodically puts out these behind the scenes videos for each of their series as they approach air time.  Veep season 3 is set to premiere in April alongside Game of Thrones.  We’ve already seen one trailer for the series thus far but that didn’t give us much!  This one gives us a lot more with a focus on the storyline this season and quotes from all of your favorite comedic players.  

Here it is:

Spoiler Alert! Not sure if people really care about spoilers for a light-hearted show like this but I suppose we should have warned you (leave your angry comments below). It looks like we’ll get to see the VP in campaign mode this year! This should bring an entirely new angle of political punditry to the show that we’re all excited to see. And a trip to jolly old London too?  Awesome.

Veep Season 3 airs April 6th right after Game of Thrones.  Until then:



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