Visions of the Future: Is This the Original Outline for the Books that Inspired Game of Thrones?


A love triangle between Jon, Arya, and Tyrion? Jaime becoming king of Westeros? Daenerys killing Khal Drogo? It sounds like some far-fetched fan-fiction, but each of these events are from the original outline of A Song of Ice and Fire, which shows George R.R. Martin had an extremely different story in mind when he first sat down to write what he expected to be a trilogy. An anonymous person from Waterstone Books recently released photographs of George R.R. Martin’s original three page pitch for his book series, and the outline offers interesting insights into what might have been. The story has been altered greatly since it’s first form, and it’s interesting to see the changes that have taken place.  Want to check out the outline for yourself? Find it here.  If you just want the highlights, read below for what stood out:

  • The sprawling series which we know and love today was supposed to be tidily fitted into three books. The first would follow the Starks, the second Daenerys, and the third the Others’ wreaking havoc throughout the North.
  • Tyrion, Jon, Daenerys , and Arya were to be the original main characters of the series. This is interesting to note, as it might suggest who might survive when all is said and done.
  • Originally Eddard, Catelyn, and Arya all escaped together from King’s Landing.
  • Sansa would marry Joffrey, and side with him, although she would ultimately regret it.
  • Tyrion, rather than Theon was to siege and burn Winterfell.
  • Daenerys would murder Khal Drogo, avenging Viserys.
  • The Khaleesi would also not be given the dragon eggs at her wedding, but find them later.
  • Robb would maim Joffrey in battle but ultimately lose to the Lannister brothers, Tyrion and Jaime.
  • Catelyn would accompany Bran and Arya to the Night’s Watch where a romance would blossom between Jon and Arya. Later Tyrion would also fall in love with Arya and compete with Jon for her affections.
  • Jaime would murder everyone in line for king, and thus win the Iron Throne. He would then blame Tyrion for the deaths.
  • The Stark children would unite their supernatural powers to combat the Others as they invaded the North.

The differences between George R. R. Martin’s first and final visions for his epic story are fascinating, but they also offer clues into how the series might end. What are your thoughts? Comment below!

Need even more clues?  Try reading the books!


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