INSECURE Season Three Finale: “Ghost-Like”


“Ghost-Like,” the Insecure Season 3 finale, did a brilliant job bringing it all together. If you missed it, fear not, here’s a review of the show. While I continue to pray for more than 8 episodes a season, Issa Rae and team do an amazing job making the minutes count and blend together episode over episode. Each character is layered, and they are given an opportunity to evolve in a way that feels authentic. While it’s noted as a love letter to Inglewood, I would say that it’s a love letter to the culture.

In the finale, Issa realizes the struggle in seeing her block party through. Up against a lot of no’s, she decides to postpone things. Afterall, her birthday is around the corner, and Molly has a big surprise in store for her. What was the surprise you ask? A movie screening at a cemetery. Yes, this is a thing in Hollywood, CA (I often find myself learning of new experiences thanks to this show). While there, Lawrence crosses her path, and all feels right again. I had the opportunity to watch the finale with the cast, crew, and fans in Los Angeles and every time Lawrence and Issa crossed paths, cheers rang aloud. It’s so refreshing to see a young couple portrayed in a positive manner. While I always wonder what the writers are up to (there’s always more than what meets the eye on this show), I am happy that Jay Ellis’ character is back in action.InsecureS3Ep8

Issa decides to speak to the hostess of the event and set up some time to chat with her. If you recall, the two originally met at Tiffany’s baby shower. They eventually meet, and she plans to assist Issa in bringing her Inglewood party to life. This interaction is especially appealing because it came fresh off of Issa and Molly having yet another disagreement. Molly intercepted Nate prior to them leaving for Issa’s birthday event, unbeknownst to her, and Issa had words. To me, Issa shined the most in this episode. Her beats, her levels, her ability to navigate the words and give them color were so good. Their argument was one of epic proportions and if nothing more, it’s exactly what Molly needed to hear. I shared in my last post that Molly’s character seemed to be the most under-developed. And after thinking, that’s just who she was this season. Very negative, predictable, and stuck in her own ways. In the end, Issa lets Nathan say his peace but leaves him outside where he belongs.

Speaking of Molly, her controlling ways caught up to her this episode. It’s clear that she tells it like it is, but I’m hoping that she finds a balance in all of it moving forward. Life at the law firm is worse than ever. While she’s awarding an opportunity to be lead counsel on a case, she finds herself doing it alone because she can’t be trusted. She’s out for herself and in a large firm, that tends to make sense. In a firm that’s smaller and attached to a different set of cultural values and operating systems, it’s not the same. Molly runs into Jared (Langston Kerman) from season one, the guy who got a blowjob from a guy once, at the movie event and finds herself holding onto her instincts. She proclaims she knew he was gay, and he confirmed it. Only for her to be proven wrong. Issa brings it all together in their argument. Molly has been negative, off centered, and doing the most. There’s not much space left for that person when you’re glowing up.

While I am sad to see the finale come and go, I am most excited about the growth in Issa Rae’s character. This show celebrates people of color in a special way. I’m glad that they have been renewed for another season. Prentice Penny, the show’s show-runner tweeted all the topics that show could address next season. I won’t hold my breath, nothing is safe on this show, and that’s what makes it so magical.

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