‘INSECURE’ Season 4 Finale: “Lowkey Lost”

insecure-season-4-episode-10-finale-spoilersWe have reached the end of the season and gratefully, I can digest everything knowing we’ll be back around for another one. Confirmed in May for season 5, it’s interesting to know this isn’t the end but what an end that could have been! Issa meets up with Lawrence (Jay Ellis) who admits he got the job in San Francisco, but now it’s a question of what’s next for them? It doesn’t take much for both of them to say they’re in it and want this. When she catches up with Nathan (Kendrick Sampson) over a location for her next event, he even apologizes for the slight against Lawrence. He wants them to be good and to be friends.  And I wholeheartedly support this.  I think Issa needs friends who pump her up a little but also are great sounding boards for her.  And who wouldn’t love to stare into Kendrick’s eyes?!?!  insecure-season-4-episode-10-yvonne-orji

Meanwhile, Molly (Yvonne Orji) brings Andrew (Alexander Hodge) to a work event and the two clash about after partying it up. She turns it into a way for them both to work it, so he sticks it out. But after Molly gets a bit bossy at home, Andrew feels at a breaking point. And it’s easy to see why. It feels like everything with Molly has a caveat. Andrew doesn’t want to go out past the event, so she finds a way for him to work it.  He wants to watch an episode of TV while she naps and can’t even do that. Before much of any kind of argument can work up, Molly just can’t ignore her phone anymore.

Kelli-Issa-and-Molly-Insecure-Season-4-Episode-10-Lowkey-Lost-Season-Finale-scaledTiffany (Amanda Seales) has gone missing and unfortunately, you have to actually wait a decent chunk of time before filing any kind of report. Everyone is all hands on deck to find her and make sure she’s okay.  It’s like everyone’s combined superpowers made it possible!  Natasha Rothwell was amazing and taking no sh*t from anyone trying to find her best friend. Wade Allain-Marcus did such a fantastic job as Tiffany’s husband Derek and portraying the pain of missing your spouse and desperately wanting to make sure she’s okay.  He knows she hasn’t been happy in a while and admits he fell short of making sure she’s okay.  But luckily she is okay and Derek has every chance to make it up to her.  But can Molly make it up to Andrew?  This is the longest relationship either of them has had but it seems like more work than Andrew is willing to put in.  Will it be?Screen-Shot-2020-06-15-at-12.47.38-PM

But Lawrence has the bombshell drop of the summer. Of course, once things are going smoothly, it was time to get messed up again. Honestly, I was expecting the reveal to be something else.  A little more akin to Issa’s past discretions but let’s be real, we couldn’t actually get our hopes up that they were gonna just completely be okay.  In the end, though, we always come around to those who have our backs the most.  And that’s our girls.  I can’t wait to see what’s in store next season. I hope Molly and Issa will continue repairing things.  Strong female friendships are important and I know I wouldn’t have gotten through my life’s woes without them.

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