Insecure Season 3 Premiere: “Better-Like”


Issa Rae is back with her hit show Insecure for its third season. Issa is stuck staying with Daniel (Y’lan Noel) and her time to find something else is creeping by. He’s getting some, but the question is how long before he gets some from Issa? They have an undeniable attraction with each other since obviously, she cheated on Lawrence (Jay Ellis) with him, but will they end up back in the sack? Issa is also dealing with job woes from two different jobs. Poor Issa. Molly (Yvonne Orji) takes a nice vacation and works on building boundaries in her relationships and work. Right on, girl.

So Issa’s crashing at Daniel’s and insistent that they won’t hook up. But with work woes, she’s missing having someone constantly there for her. After getting demoted at We Got Y’All, she gets pushed to make phone calls and takes the opportunity to implore why certain schools are no longer interested in working with the organization. So, she actually takes a great step for herself and for the organization that way. That’s what a good employee does, and the way her boss reacts…oh. Issa has more patience than I do. The vitriol coming out of Joanne’s (Catherine Curtin) mouth is more than I can tolerate. It was downright hostile. So personally, I hope that comes back to bite Joanne in the ass.

e686993791ff45454c5fd4a1da88e08d220b8965feae0875687d7e57f7cc9f163d83c1e3bde27301073fcdfc179359d2Issa’s also making side hustle doing Lyft rides. Pretty dramatic stuff occasionally as we can see, like vomiting and fist fights. But it does give her the opportunity to get out of Daniel’s place, especially when he’s clearly giving somebody a good romp in the sack. And I get that it’s his place and he can do whatever, but I agree that with Issa there that he could at least give her a heads up. They were an item and while they aren’t now and Issa isn’t a roommate so much as a temporary stop-by, she could at least get warned. But they still gotta hash it out. What are they? What aren’t they? Issa finally comes clean to the point in which she knew he would have her back and that’s why she came to his place for help. Because she knows he cares about her and that yeah, she still has feelings for him and doesn’t want anything more, but that she still came to him because of who he is as a person and knowing she could count on him. Aww. But for real, you guys are totally gonna end up hooking up. He is too good looking and y’all have too much chemistry to not. We’ll have to see how long we make it through the season before Issa and Daniel get busy.

We get to see Molly enjoying her sunny vacation and a beach bod. But when he tries to keep things going, she slams that door. that is because Molly is all about putting down boundaries for herself now. Get it, girl. She is gonna know better and do better. She does the same when still negotiating her contract with her new job. Blam. And when Dro (Sarunas J. Jackson) comes into her apartment without her permission, she yanks that key right back. Bloop. Dro is pissed, but Molly makes an excellent point. His open marriage is all on his and his wife’s terms. But since Molly is part of it, she gets to set her own terms too. Dro may not like it and may not like her commentary on his marriage, but she’s right. So suck it up, Dro. Just because you get to have your cake and eat it too doesn’t mean a slice can’t set boundaries to make sure she’s taking care of herself. There’s a great conversation regarding this exact topic on this week’s “Wine Down.” Check it out! And tune in next Sunday, August 19th at 10:30 p.m. EST for more ’cause it’s just gettin’ started. 

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