Insecure: “Hella Questions”


It turns out that make-up sex has levels to it and depending upon how you see it, this determines how you move on. Episode Two of Season Two deals with the aftermath of the hookup between Issa and Lawrence. Molly forces Issa to explore what the sex meant—was it a “we back together fuck” or a “fuck you fuck?” I’d argue the latter, but who am I to shatter Issa’s dream? Well, we leave that to her core group of friends who, after she breaks the news that she and Lawrence are “talking again” quickly reference how they’re glad he’s done with “the other girl!”


There you have folks, Issa now knows about Tasha. And though she plays it cool, at least in front of everyone, she eventually social media stalks Tasha and battles the common insecurities of finding out your mate has moved on. The reality is, Issa gets a rude awakening in learning that Lawrence can indeed find someone else too. After some investigating the harsh reality sets in—Lawrence is not interested in going back to Issa and has his own apartment now!

Lawrence, true to his roots, battles with doing what’s right versus what’s convenient. In true good guy fashion, he confesses to Tasha that he slept with Issa. For Team Lawrence, this is still a win. Even though Tasha is hurt, disappointed and saddened, the reality is, Lawrence still wins in this moment. He owns up to his behavior, keeps it as real as he is able to, and in the end, he and Tasha agree to work it out. She invites him to a family cookout which I’m sure will be all types of exciting.

Molly is still battling her workplace inequality dilemma, forcing her to find a way into the boy’s clubs. Molly is a social butterfly and super ambitious. Instead of making excuses and pouting, she looks for ways to break through. And she does—kind of. After going to a hockey game and enjoying drinks and jokes with an executive, she quickly learns that it’s easier said than done. The next morning at work not only does he not remember her, but he’s completely disconnected and unconcerned with chatting! OUCH!insecure_wegotyall

Issa is finding herself in her own workplace dilemma when her coworker calls out the Assistant Principal who makes inappropriate jokes towards the Hispanic students. This is an interesting element to add to the conversation as Issa and the AP share a bond that not many people understand. It’s the black code. You look out for me and I’ll look out for you. Threatened with the idea that she may have to leave the school due to low performance, the AP gets Issa the resources she needs and makes it clear he’s got her back. And even though she tries to ignore his prejudicial remarks, she’s forced to deal with him head on. More to come I imagine!

Here is what Rae & Orji have to say about “Hella Questions.” 

No matter what, Insecure continues to build on these amazing characters that go through real life situations. Each character is multidimensional and just like us, have way more going on than they care to. But they push through it and make it happen. I’m curious to see where Issa lands now that she’s officially single and how Lawrence and Tasha work out.

Be sure to catch Insecure on Sundays at 10:30PM EST on HBO. Here is a look at Episode 3.

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