Insecure: “Hella Blows”


Hella Blows” explores what it looks like when you get a taste of your own medicine. Issa, deep in her ho-tation is literally losing at every turn now. While she meant well reminding Daniel that she and he are just friends, it appears she probably should have had that conversation with herself. Issa completely sucks at understanding the parameters of causal sex. We see an awkward exchange between her and “neighbor-bae” when she shows up at his place unannounced because the light was on. Initially low-key, he grows weird and she does too, after a female calls for him in the back. In that moment, she’s Daniel and he’s Issa, setting boundaries that work best for him. Though I’m sure she failed to realize how things tend to come full circle for her! Oh and Niko, the “Latino hottie”— well, that ended as quickly as it started. While she was going to tell him to get in her lineup, it turns out, he’s not into the casual sex thing. After an aggressive attempt to get him in bed, he declines her invitation to have sex and she sends him on his way.


And then there is Daniel. After blowing her off initially, they agree to get up. To his surprise, Issa is ready to give him the blowjob of his life. This comes after her and the girls attend a seminar on how to give the best BJ. She not only steps her game up, but in awkward Issa fashion, finds herself at the end of an awkward facial, pissed at Daniel for what, I’m not sure, but I guess we can assume it’s because he finished on her face! But in his defense, he DID say it was happening AND she did kind of know what she was getting herself into. And let’s be honest, oral sex only ends in two or three ways sooo yeah!? In the words of her friend Kelly—“all dicks matter” which means, if she would’ve put on a condom, she would’ve never had that problem! 


Molly, fresh off of sleeping with her married friend Dro, finds herself hella confused and uncertain about the next steps of their friendship. Initially, she limits her interaction with him, though they eventually hang out together at a bar breaking through the awkwardness that occurs after two friends have sex for the first time. They find themselves right back in bed having passionate sex. Afterwards, she learns about the parameters of an open-marriage and how it works for Dro. She learns that he doesn’t mind if she, Molly, has other guys but that she’s the only Molly, AKA the only person he’s open with, right now. Which pacifies her for a moment, until their next encounter when, on the cusp of sexy time, it’s abruptly halted when  his wife calls and he leaves her—alone in the bath with her rubber ducky, thoughts, insecurities, and the mess that is falling for a man who is attached, married and will never be hers. Oh and she’s still mad at her mom for taking her father back for cheating on her in the past…go figure!


Lawrence, immersing himself in work, faces what it’s like to be a black man in a white filled tech world. His bosses struggle to really coach and develop him, forcing him to realize that in his current position, he has to learn the language of the office in order to survive. We find awkward exchanges between him and another co-worker, leading us to believe that at some point, he may be open to exploring her in ways outside the office.

Molly is going against everything she says she stands for in an effort to make herself feel good. Issa is using sex to avoid the feelings of loneliness and disappointment. Lawrence is putting himself in work in order to remain focused and keep his mind off of anything relational. What do they all have in common? No one is really dealing with their issues. They all choose different methods to make them feel better in the moment, only to have to lie in an empty bed at night and deal with the aftermath of their actions.

With only two episodes left, we know that there will be the first meeting between Issa and Lawrence since Episode 1 and Molly will come face-to-face with Dro’s wife, her good friend, for the first time since they’ve been intimate. Does she know? Will Issa and Lawrence even talk? I guess we will see this Sunday!

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