Insecure: Episodes 5 & 6

Just like in the last couple of episodes Issa and Molly are still struggling through. Here is the latest.

Episode 5 – “Shady As F***”

In the fifth episode, we see Issa continue to struggle to work, especially when several colleagues continually undermine her efforts. Worse, she is excluded from several emails from higher ups making her feel even more worthless. She seems to have found one person at work she can count on – her partner. She’s also trying to put together a career day presentation for the students, with a variety of people in different fields. She is a bit disappointed when her friend Molly can’t make it, but in a very strange turn of events, she ends up asking Daniel to come in to represent someone from the arts. We all know this does not bode well down the line. 

Insecure_OurCouple-300x198Issa’s amateur rap video comes to light, via Daniel, during the career day presentations. Totally not professional and to be honest, it was surprising that she didn’t get fired. Feelings of anger and humiliation come to light and Issa desperately attempts to get the video pulled from YouTube. Issa attempts to recruit Molly into helping her with getting the video removed but without a name or contact information, it’s useless. Now, personally, her and Lawrence seem to be on the mend. Lawrence is trying his best to get a job in his field but as we all know, sometimes you have to end up working a couple of temporary jobs to gain some valuable experience, in order to get to the job that you truly want. 

Molly continues to explore the dating scene. As a successful corporate lawyer, she seems to have it all – nice car, clothing, salary and looks. However, as we see her at a party with her old sorority friends, we catch a glimpse that she has very high standards for dating men – perhaps too high. Seeing the circle of  sisters she hangs out with makes you think about the highs and lows of relationships. Jared, the fellow she met a while back, makes an appearance at this party and he reveals he did not go to university. The others in the group are surprised that Molly would be with someone like this. Of course, this just adds to Molly’s insecurity and she gives Jared the brush off.
Issa and Daniel end up going back to his recording studio. That place gave off some pretty shady vibes. It was dark, there were other men doing drugs inside and Issa ends up staying put. Huge mistake. Daniel knew what he was doing when he invited her back to that studio. Issa, being insecure and somewhat still attracted to her ex, stays. What happens next leads to panic, despair and guilt on Issa’s part. You got to learn the hard way.

Episode 6 – “Guilty As F***”

Molly experiments with a high class dating site. High class doesn’t necessarily mean good character, as she ends up finding out the hard way. She is continually disappointed with the men she meets. She ends up back with Jared. At first, Jared isn’t impressed with her cool attitude. Afterwards, they begin seeing each other. Maybe he wasn’t such a bad guy, after all. 

Issa struggles with her guilt. No kidding – Lawrence was able to get the YouTube video permanently deleted for her. He’s been working at his part time job (as well as gaining an admirer who is very attractive). She is shaken and guilty over what transpired with Daniel. I don’t think Daniel likes her, he was only after her for one thing. When men go around chasing women, having one night stands and meaningless sexual encounters, it appears that they can do this without a second thought. Daniel strikes me as that type of guy. Issa is in a very bad spot – unresolved feelings for an ex complicate things. There’s a saying – when your past comes calling, don’t bother to answer. Leave the door closed permanently. You can see it in her face that Issa is unraveling. A small incident at work – getting a parking ticket – causes her to start getting really emotional and upset. Her colleague can’t understand why.
Molly and Jared have a talk about their past relationships and Molly hears something about Jared that she didn’t expect. She also doesn’t take the revelation well. In talking with her fraternity sisters and Issa, a debate pops up as to why men cannot explore their sexuality without being labelled. After watching an urban inspired play about Jesus, Issa and Molly have drinks alone. Both women are miserable. Issa confides to Molly what happened. Molly’s advice: shut your mouth and never mention it to Lawrence. Given the fact that they live in such close confines, we know that Issa will cross paths with Daniel. We know it won’t end well, either.

At the end of the day, we’re all human. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone. Sometimes good people do bad things. In many instances, bad people do awful, horrendous things. Issa is stuck between a rock and a hard place. The best thing is for her to just end her relationship with Lawrence. And have some alone time to figure out exactly what she wants from life. No men. No messy problems. No heartaches and no drama. Time will tell what will happen.

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