Insecure: Episodes 3 “Hella Open” & 4 “Hella LA”

Last year left Issa a bit out in the cold, and trying to figure out how to get her game back.  Her girls gave her some hard truths to digest, and now it is up to her to work it out.  She’s ready to get back on the dating scene, or is she?  Waiting on a chance to talk to Lawrence (Jay Ellis) doesn’t exactly mean that Issa is ready to get down with someone else.  And it doesn’t seem like Lawrence is waiting around for her either.  But in the end, some couples end up finding their way back to each other. Is it possible these two really do belong together?



Episode 3: “Hella Open”

Issa makes it very clear she wants to get back out there. She’s hoping Molly (Yvonne Orji) can help her get back into the dating game because I mean, who doesn’t need a ‘ho phase? “Can you teach me how to ‘ho?” “B*tch that’s rude, and yes.”  But in her efforts to assist, Issa ends up making a little bit of a mess of things. I think in the back of her head, she’s still hoping that Lawrence will see the light and come groveling on his knees to get her back. And with any kind of thought like that in the back of her mind, is she truly gonna be able to “‘ho”?  Molly isn’t entirely focused on helping Issa either since her mind is reeling over work. After finding out she is paid less than her white, male counterpart, Molly is dedicating herself to getting her due. Good for her! I hope she kicks ass and takes everyone’s names. Her own love life is taking the back seat as she even blows off a guy that she has great chemistry with (Sterling K Brown.)  Focus on that work, girl. But Issa and Molly aren’t the only ones working to get their freak on…but first, let’s Wine Down.



Episode 4: “Hella LA”

Going to a local event called Kiss and Grind (best name ever, btw), Issa and Molly are trying to work it. But Issa gets thrown off after a poor encounter with a date and running into Daniel (Y’lan Noel) again. Yeah, remember how awful she was to Daniel? So that knocks her ‘”ho” game a little off balance, especially since he is as chill as a cucumber.  Molly, on the other hand, hits it off quite perfectly with a guy. He just happens to be a friend…and married. When a guy says he’s in an open marriage, do you take his word for it? Or text his wife? I’m more than willing to believe that plenty of open marriages are out there. But if a guy throws me that line, I’m going to need more than his word for it. Because it would just be WAY too easy to use that excuse when he’s in fact NOT in an open marriage. Lawrence ends up in a spicy situation himself, and as the episode closes he is outside his old apartment watching for Issa. And Issa is sitting talking with Daniel.



What does this mean moving forward?  Will Issa “‘ho” with Daniel? Will Lawrence do anything to get back with Issa?  Will Molly make strides for equal pay at her office? Will she hook up with her married yet open friend?  I need to know. And I can’t wait to find out!

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