Insecure Episode 5 Review: “Hella Shook”


It’s official, the hoe phase is on and Issa makes no apologies. As I’m sure you are aware, Issa is embracing the single life and well so is Lawrence. In Episode 5, “Hella Shook,” we see Issa’s roster in full effect. There’s “Neighbor-bae,” Daniel (played by Y’lan Noel) and now a Latino hottie! Issa can’t be stopped! Even with failed dating efforts and app hopping, she’s committed to seeing what being single means—sexually! We see her poorly juggle her men and get lost in her urges to be desired, needed, wanted and sexy. Things take a turn for the worst when she runs her car into a truck in the midst of sexting and driving– a dick pic will do that to you. She’s in rare form!


And Lawrence isn’t much better. With Tasha gone and a failed threesome under his belt, he’s out here living his life too. One minute we see him sitting in front of Issa’s place, the next he’s cyber stalking and ready to block her. To be fair though, he does see her in pictures with Daniel, the guy who she cheated with, and asks the question I asked myself when I saw them reconnect: why would she even be with him? And even though it looks like Daniel is finally ready to admit his feelings, Issa still doesn’t want him in that way.

There is one thing that sticks out in this episode; Lawrence gets called out for contributing to the failed relationship with Issa. While it’s probably not one of the highlights for the #lawrencehive, Derek, (played by Wade Allain-Marcus) lets him know that Issa isn’t totally to blame. And while no one, even me, is excusing her decision to step out, there is this idea of commitment to personal growth and happiness that may have factored into her decision. He sat around for two years, stagnant, unmotivated and most importantly, appearing super unattractive.

Molly continues to batter her wage discrimination complaint all the while exploring feelings for an old friend. He’s married—and if you know anything about brand new Molly, she doesn’t want to have sex or talk if it’s not an investment. Fair enough right? Kudos to Molly for wanting to do it right. She knows there is no future in engaging in sex with a married man, or any man she genuinely isn’t connected to. But in the end, she realizes that marriage looks different for different people, even her parents. She finds herself in bed, in the arms of Dro (Sarunas Jackson, pictured below), her childhood married friend having a sexual experience she’s waited oh so long for.


The reality is that Issa and Lawrence are out here hurt and hurting other people along the way. Instead of taking time to process, reflect, heal and grow, they are looking for closure in all the wrong ways. While I predict they’ll get back together, I imagine it won’t be without some personal damage along the way.

The writing continues to be exceptional. The plot continues to grow in ways that feel familiar, with surprises along the way. You can tell that Insecure is pushing boundaries on all things that matter to the modern day woman. You can almost picture the writer’s room focusing on a theme of “why can’t women have it all?” for the “Hella” inspired season 2. I found myself laughing every other minute at one thing or another in this episode. But the strength lies in the writer’s ability to allow each character to grow and develop on camera. We know no one has it all. We know they’re all messing it up together. And that’s why we tune in each week to see what’s next for the dynamic Insecure trio!


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