Insecure: “Backwards-Like”

With a title like that you have to wonder what’s moving backward? Could we finally get the answer on whether or not Issa and Daniel (Y’lan Noel) will finally hook up? The last episode left us with the possibility of the two sharing a bed, but even after Daniel made a move before Issa stopped it. Will she have the willpower to do it again? Or will the temptation to feel wanted and taken care of win over?

Is there such a thing as sleeping in the same bed with an ex platonically??? I mean, damn girl, you are flirting with disaster. And Daniel. But while that situation is tenuous, Issa makes some strides in other areas of her life. While at a recruiting event, Issa becomes more inspired by another organization that brings kids together with musical education. She sees the kids perform a routine and by the looks of it, the kids really enjoy it. So what’s missing between that and We Got Y’all? Well for starters, a more diverse workforce. It’s going to come across pretty condescending if a group trying to reach at-risk kids which are primarily African American and Hispanic, but everyone who works there is white. So diversity hires are pretty high on the list of changes that need to be made. Plus, the logo.

insecure-season-3-episode-3-issa-rae-ylan-noelBut Issa also goes on the hunt for an apartment and finds one that comes along with a part-time property manager position. Obviously, there is a  massive discount on rent with the position. For L.A., you can’t turn that down. I mean, any big city if you can get a rent discount, it’s probably hella worth it. Issa is certainly making strides for herself. They’re small steps but it’s important. This causes clashes with Daniel after she attempts to offer him advice on his own work. They smooth things over but the tension builds in bed and kisses are had. And Issa slams that door shut, figurately. There’s your answer. new-job-insecure-season-3-episode-3

Meanwhile, Molly has started at her new firm with all African American colleagues. Molly is quickly seeing the differences between this firm and her old one. And while she makes note of these differences, she gets made fun of for it. C’mon, people. She’s new to the firm and it’s not a small transition. There are quite a few differences. And in particular, agreeing with Molly to full extent here, you are going to be able to get more done using Docusign versus courier ship for signatures. I get that you guys do things a certain way but move into more technology. That’s just going to make business easier for you. And don’t use your coworker’s office as storage. Find somewhere else for that. The observances that Molly notes are things that really from a business sense don’t fit. It’s not just old firm versus new firm in terms of racial change, but these little differences can actually make big impacts for business. #Docusign, Who thought that would be a highlight in this post?

Next week, we get to see Issa in her new place and adjusting to property management. Squirrels in the wall? Oh dear. But she has her own space and isn’t that what we all need for ourselves? I think this could be a good move for Issa. I’m hoping she explores her rap more, especially seeing old notebooks. And in this week’s Wine Down following the promo, we get a more in-depth conversation between Issa and Y’lan about the chemistry and feelings between Issa and Daniel. Check it out! How are you feeling about the near miss between Issa and Daniel? Wish they went all the way or was slamming the brakes the way to go? Comment below!

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