In Production: The Rebooted THE LEFTOVERS Season Two

TheLeftovers_titleThe last we heard about THE LEFTOVERS there was rumbling of big changes in its sophomore season. Back on 10.13.14 we heard from showrunner Damon Lindelof himself about potential changes since they are now beyond the source novel. Then on 12.06.14 we learned that many of the supporting cast would not continue into another year. Those following the show have now heard the buzz that Season Two is a reboot.

That’s right – after The Guilty Remnant dropped the emotionally damaging bomb on Mapleton nothing would ever be the same there. The Garvey’s, seemingly altogether, will leave their home and citizens behind. That accounts for supporting players not on board for Season Two. As previously mentioned the returning players for sure are Justin Theroux (as Kevin Garvey), Amy Brenneman (as Laurie Garvey), Margaret Qualley (as Jill Garvey), Chris Zylka (as Tommy Garvey), Carrie Coon (as Nora Durst) and Christopher Eccleston (former Rev. Matt Jamison) are all on board for what is next.

They all find themselves in Texas. Maybe, Chris led them there because he was there with Christine when they were running around. While there we know they meet a family who will become the new supporting cast. The show is adding an African-American family made up of the righteous John Murphy; his hearing-impaired doctor wife, Erika; and their teenage kids, Evie, an athletic extrovert, and Michael, a devout Christian.  

Leftovers_GarveyFamilyExactly what happens is anyone’s guess as we explore how others are moving on past the Sudden Departure. We will keep you posted. We also know that production is underway. Project Casting has a Casting Call up for the Austin, Texas area. The site states the following –

Work Schedule: Filming takes place Monday­-Friday starting April 27th through September. This is part time employment. You will not be needed every day. Opportunities available for those who want to work one day or multiple days.   

Maybe, each continued season, if there are any, uproots the Garvey’s to a different part of the country to experience the different cultures that have arisen for the Leftovers left behind. We will have to wait to see.

(Source: IndieWire & TVLine)


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