In Production: GIRLS Season 2

girls-hbo-show-comedy-300x225It is no news by now that Lena Dunham’s GIRLS has been renewed for a second season. We heard that news shortly after the numbers for
the premiere episode were tallied. Production for Season Two just got underway last week and a number of exterior scenes were shot in Brooklyn. What is in store for the second season? It is too soon to say plot-wise as Season One is still playing out as of this writing. We do know, however, that there is a change in casting. Now GIRLS fans, settle down, all the whiny little ladies, Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna, & Jessa and their horn dog male friends like Adam, Charlie & Booth are all still finding their way through life in NYC and on screen. There will be, however, noticeable differences. What changes? Indulge me now as I give you the roundabout route to the answer.

The show has seen both sides of the coin, right? There are those critics and viewers who have praised Miss Dunham and her abilities as creator, writer, director and actor. Then, there are those that remarked about unpleasant characters and poor attempts at humor. One criticism that resonated with many was a lack of diversity in the show. The only black actors sighted in the pilot were a homeless man and a taxi driver and the only Asian was a woman computer user. The fact that GIRLS showcased all rich, white kids pushed from the nest and forced to deal in the Big Apple didn’t seem right. Now, to me that last criticism seems like an awful reason not to like a show. It might be a flaw that ruins the believably of it taking place in NYC or might present a blandness to the work, but to cite it as a reason to totally dislike the work seems trite. Holy shit, I just defended a show I don’t like!

Girls-Lena-Dunham-and-Donald-Glover-200x300Regardless of whether we pay attention to the pros and cons to GIRLS, its creator has listened, evidently to the feedback given and has made changes accordingly. As stated, she has been tweaking the casting. As is evident by the accompanying photo here Lena Dunham has diversified the cast by adding actors of different races into the story. One of the first scenes shot this past week was of Dunham as Hannah and Donald Glover of NBC’s COMMUNITY filming on a Brooklyn stoop. It is not known if Mr. Glover’s character will be a recurring one at this point or just a one-time role. Nor do we know how many other actors of race will appear in the show as major roles or extras but, Miss Dunham was quoted as saying that “the issue would be addressed” and she has done just that.

Got to admit that is a good way to stay on the good side of critics who dissed your show. So, for all you GIRLS fans, enjoy the rest of Season One and look forward to another and let us at HBO Watch know what you think of Hannah and company.


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