In Production: EASTBOUND & DOWN Season 4

Hey, Kenny Powers fans! Isn’t it about time to get this ole ballgame under way?Eastbound_Powers

That’s right, EASTBOUND AND DOWN is gearing up and it is about time. HBOWatch reported  way back on 07.02.12 that Season Four was a certainty. But, production isn’t getting underway until right after the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.

What the hell was taking so long? We hope the time was well spent on writing whip- smart and funny scripts for the fourth and final(?) season. News has been dropped that filming will once again take place in the Wilmington, NC and Myrtle Beach, SC regions now through August. Does that mean we will see Kenny Powers and family in January 2014?

Oh, it has been so long maybe we should recap:

Oh, it has been so long maybe we should recap: Kenny Powers, played by Danny McBride, was finally working his way back to where he wanted to be. He returned from Mexico still with the hope of getting back into Major League play but, settled for pitching for a Minor League team, the Myrtle Beach Mermen. At least he was in thePowersToby ballpark as it were. At the same time he was playing ball, however, he was struggling with taking care of his infant son Toby, whom he was left with. It takes several attempts to make things right and be a responsible father and a good team player that surprisingly, Powers succeeds well enough at both tasks to get placed in a Major team for Texas. He was finally back in the Major League.

Little Toby, ends up back with his mother, April (Katy Mixon) and before Kenny leaves for Texas he does April the courtesy of stopping by and telling her he is leaving. April thanks Kenny for stopping by, and also explains that she didn’t just come back for Toby — she wants Kenny Powers back as well leaving him with plenty to think about.

Then Kenny Powers does something startling. Right in the heart of a game Kenny makes a desperate move to show his commitment to April and little Toby. Here watch this NSFW clip.

Now, what is next for Kenny Powers? He walked out of a game & out of his life and is seemingly going to choose family over fame, quality time of decadence, baby diapers over baseball games and love over ego. Can he do it?

Season 4 of EASTBOUND AND DOWN will give us the answers, but filming is just starting so we will have to wait in anticipation. In the meantime rewatch the series on HBOGO and/or check out the Kenny Powers Fan Club website.


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